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The people say "do not know so dear, do not love then do not love", so because in Golos, I am still new to join and this is the first post also to honor more senior friends, then it is proper and right I introduce myself.

Meet My Name Muhammad Yanis is commonly called Yanis or Yanies, born Sate City, Matang Glumpang Two Bireuen District of Aceh Province.

I am a simple and generally young man who often likes new things and has great interest in academic, social and political fields. Now I'm completing the Strata One Study (S-1) at Malikussaleh University (UNIMAL) Lhokseumawe Development Economics Department.

I have a common hobby that is reading and hanging out, these two hobbies may be somewhat unconnected but I think this is a great hobby because they are part of the manifestation of the mind where when I read then the place is the right place to discuss the reading material already I read. hehe

I spent a lot of time just to enjoy a cup of coffee accompanied by faithful friends and new friends just to joke around but to me it was part of the social activities among fellow humans. It is this that made me today a lot in the Organization and institutional world.

Perhaps this is my brief biography, hopefully here, in Golos we can support each other, share and enjoy time together. Greetings!!! : D


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