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Hello, Здравствуйте, Ni hau, Ciao, Namaste, Bonjour Assalam alaikum Yours Community!

I'm AR and I'm here to make an impact.

My background
I'm a normal 22-year old boy studying Environmental Engineering and worked with more than 22 companies till date (Not because I was fired but because I wanted to explore and learn more from various niche markets :D)
I have invested close to $5K in cryptocurrencies in the last month with the support of my family. I work as a brand strategist, financial adviser, social marketer, change-maker. My hobbies are numismatics and philately, I have a collection of stamps and coins of over 70 different nations and some cool WW-II era coins too. I play football and hockey in my free time. And yeah, I'm ready to accept a challenge from anyone of you here in Chess too ;) (I used to be a rated player in Chess)

My experience in life
Though very young, I have already experienced a ton of good and bad incidents in my life right from being harassed, bullied, cheated (Not in love but friendship, I'm happily taken though) to being in love with the most understanding and ever-loving fiancée and bought up by a caring family.

Few things that I have learnt in my 8000-odd days here on earth are :
(Disclaimer : These are just my personal views, please follow them if you like, suggest me if I'm wrong but do not start judging)
Respect people but do not trust them : There are 7-billion people on this earth with 14-billion faces (Yes every human has a real and fake face, you know what I mean). So never trust people easily but always give importance to bonds.

The three most important things in life - Time, health, family : Okay, I'm being very very honest. Lot of us run behind girls, money, drugs and what not when young. You win, you lose, you earn, you spend. At last, irrespective of what you do, your family is what matters and they are the ones who are always with you no matter what. Health which I call as wealth is what we millennials often neglect. No, I'm not saying you to go and hit the gym and get a six-pack, just do not sit for hours together. Go for a evening stroll with loved ones, walk, play , jog and not to forget, sunbath once in a while. Time is important, manage it wisely.

In the end, we all die : 'A' becomes a millionaire at 17, 'B 'becomes a millionaire at 25, 'C' becomes a millionaire at 35 while 'D' is just a normal guy who makes a few thousand dollars. No, I'm not going to tell the melodramatic stories of 'D' becoming a billionaire in a few years with a rags to riches story. Hell no! In end, they all die. What matters is how content you are with the money you have. Satisfaction prevails over everything. Oh please! I know a lot of you here disagree with me, please I don't need your suggestions, this is purely my view and my personal opinion of life. Everyone has a different brain hence different understanding. I respect your views but do not force on me. Thank you!

As a faithful user of, I'm taking up the following initiatives for developing the community on the platform :

  1. I will start blogging about how to get started for newbies, sort of FAQ
  2. I will add posts on how to monetise your content for inexperienced writers
  3. I will be promoting to over 10,000 people on social media and 1,000 people on-ground*
    *(Terms & Conditions : I need to buy resources to get this done which would at-least cost me $300, so I will start this once I reach my target here on
  4. I will proofread, suggest and comment on as many posts as I can to engage the community
  5. I would be organising competitions & contests to promote active engagement
  6. Lastly, I will report posts that are not original works of the writer unless the source is mentioned in the post.

Final words
Are you wondering if I'm real? Yes I'm a human and not a bot. I withheld my name and photo since I'm still new to the platform. Once, I adequately feel comfortable on the platform, I will reveal my identity.
As a generous golos user, all you need to do is comment, share and upvote if you want me to take up more initiatives for developing and take it to next level.

Love you all!


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