Hello, Fellow Golos Members - I Hope I Do Well Here

Hi, fellow Golos members, I'm Noynavs from the Philippines. Or you can refer to me by my username, @darthnava. I'm a big Star Wars fan (until Disney raped George Lucas' vision and ignored the Expanded Universe) so the word "darth" is in there for kicks. I made this post late because it was stupid of me not to introduce myself here.

I love to read, play video games, watch movies and documentaries and keep pets. Here are my past and present pets:

Whitey - He was old, fierce and dependable. Sadly his legendary libido among other neighborhood dogs got him.

Sa-va - skinny, noisy cat who collapsed after eating spoiled food outside and hearing of my financial situation.

Kika - No other dude could ask for a more affectionate cat. She got lost when my family moved to a new home.

Bambi - my current dog. She is old but very friendly. A great friend of children.

I work online as an SEO specialist. Sadly, the pay is not so great (you cannot even hope to touch a girl with my salary).

Me with the The girl you can hopefully catch with some income (Maybe the gold from Golos?)

I would like to go into crypto-currency for added income but I do not have the capital. My PC is old and obsolete to be used for altcoin mining, bitcoin faucets are a chore that gives you more work and only bitcoin bread crumbs, and scams are everywhere!

But then I came upon Golos, heard of it and all the hype surrounding it. I only understood half the concept behind it and decided to try it. So here I am. I hope this platform is not so much Whale-centered and Whale-obsessed as Steem is even though I loved it there.

It may sound lame and pathetic to you guys and I am sorry for it. But I needed to save for a decent gaming PC and perhaps accumulate the funds to get to go out more often and socialize.

There I posted what I felt and thank you for taking the time to read this. And May the Horse...er, The Lucky Force of Golos be with you always.

P.S. Please bear with me as I do not Speak Russian. Maybe I'll use translators to read Russian comments, I think.

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