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My name is McManus and known as Doctor Vee, I'm a blogger, filmmaker, web developer, a photographer, a filmmaker and I'm a father with so many dreams. I do a lot of things and am a fast learner.

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I love waking up late at night to surf the internet, watch movies and tutorials or write a blog like a doing just now. I love the blockchain and have been an ardent user of the cryptocurrencies especially innovative means of making a decent post and getting monetized.

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My wife just put to bed a beautiful baby girl, Orla. Orla is lovely and tender and makes my day worth of every breath. Life is full of rewarding packages and I have so many aspirations for the little darling.
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I live with my wife Peace in the city of Nigeria, she's a talented artist and she loves making beautiful crafts, clothes and many DIY perks. She loves telenovela so much and can't live without her flicks.
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I cannot talk about myself without talking about my friend Seyidious of Altrustic who made sure I remained on the blockchain to write more. Thank you And I hope to enjoy it right here.

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