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Introducing myself

Hellooo people
Am pinky76 from Nigeria,a member of Chris Embassy, am lovable and interested in making friends, am versatile in business,you can order for your beddings, food of all kind and general supplies of all short. I enjoy going for adventures, i just had our reach out Nigeria carnival float in my city, it was a fun filled day with so much excitement, IMG_20181018_172547_833.JPGit was an awesome time celebrating my country @58 irrespective of all the challenges we have been through, my joy is that we survived and survival means there's hope for us in the future IMG_20181018_172947_081.JPG,so our celebration is to establish the kingdom of God in the hearts of men through our messenger Angel the rhapsody of realities,this book helps bring the light of God's word into every home, so that people will know that they can cause the desired change needed in a needy world and also give back to there country because there is something in the hands of everyone to give and if the word of God is at the centre of all we do; we can eradicate all forms of evil and wickedness and the world will be lite up with so much love, peace and harmony etc. i love you all so profusely thanks for reading and i look forward in making great friendsIMG_20181018_172527_680.JPG

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Oputa ijeoma joy
Lovable, interesting and playful

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