RATEONIUM - Worldwide Bledchain Rating Platform

Consumers rely heavily on reviews to create impressions about specific products or services or even brands. Today, all companies are seeking to find effective ways to solicit their customers' opinions and analyze them in order to provide a higher level of retention.
However, various obstacles, such as the lack of sufficient incentives, confidentiality of data and the anonymity of consumers, forced many users to abandon the process of business valuation or review.Rateonium solves all these problems by optimizing content standards and verifying feedback, as well as a variety of rewards as incentives for users.
Rateonium is a very comprehensive rating system that can be adapted to any group of customers, allowing consumers to interact with businesses much better than before. It has a simple design with a basic algorithm that allows users to provide reviews with more relevant content. Multiple language options combined with universal partner companies help ensure that the Rateonium ecosystem will always be diverse and vibrant.
Here are the critical visions of the Rateonium platform for consumers:
Focus on Authenticity: A critical requirement for authenticating user feedback is achieved through an integrated RTO check. The goal here is to encourage mutual trust between customers and companies.
Built-in encryption: Rateonium ensures that personal data will be secure at all times, through access control and access controls, as well as a reliable data exchange system to maintain strict security standards.
Daily use:A wide range of proven business partners combined with the scalability of adding other companies to the system ensures that Rateonium will offer more rewards for a short period of time.Each user will receive individual awards in the system.
Currency trading: Ratec tokens obtained from this Rateonium system can be traded on any trading platform for other crypto-conversions or FIAT currencies.
Rateonium features for business
The Rateonium network will offer enterprises the following notable functions for creating a sustainable and economically stable review system:
Honest responses: Through the Rateonium verification process, companies can take advantage of honest feedback, as the user will be checked first before publication.
Ongoing acquisition of customers: As companies receive positive feedback, more customers will consider the opportunity to test these companies, ensuring the continuous acquisition of customers.Companies can also analyze reports to ensure quality assurance.
Support for small businesses:The Rateonium subscription system ensures that large-scale and small-scale firms have equal conditions. Larger organizations will receive only a subscription plan through local branches, and not as the whole company.
Preventing market fluctuations: Deploying two separate tokens, Ratec token and Rateonium token means that the currency will be protected from market fluctuations and price speculation.
ICO parameters
Tokens: RTC
Total RTC: 801,703,971
Tentative dates: 10/8/2018 through 25/8/2018
The main selling dates are: 25/8/2018 through 25/9/2018
Hard cover: 84,234 ETH
Soft cover: 32 000 ETH
Distribution of tokens
10%: team members
7%: strategic business partners
83%: events selling tokens
Proposed use of the fund
5%: team
7%: Server management and data protection
8%: acquisition of universal partners
20%: development and optimization of applications
25%: Technical development, including production of Scanners and Rateonium cards
35%: universal marketing
For more information about this project, please follow the link below:
Website : https://rateonium.com
White Paper : https://rateonium.com/whitepaper.pdf
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Rateonium
Twitter: https://twitter.com/@rateonium
Telegram: https://t.me/rateonium
ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4762727.0
Author: Bentadem11
My Bitcointalk profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1530135
My Ethereum Wallet Address: 0xC12c4ce6f433C2b39494aE9460055E76D828e34c

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