Welcome my dear readers. Today I have prepared for you a review of the new project. In this review we will review the main strengths of the project and its prospects.Modern Blockchain systems do not fully meet the needs of enterprises using this technology. For a long time, the problems of scalability of existing Blockchain systems, performance and versatility remain relevant. The project IonChain, of which about ICO today's our review of noteworthy. And now it becomes clear why.

The problem blochain the industry
Every day there are more and more Blockchain systems in the world. Such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. The number of customers who use them for their production purposes is also growing. As this growth is occurring very quickly and simultaneously around the world, there is a dilemma. How to provide for this need in the Blockchain chains? After all, existing Blockchain systems are not able to process such a large amount of information. It turns out that you need to create a lot of platforms. And here comes the problem. How to scale with the creation of other platforms while maintaining both transaction speed and consensus.

It is clear that there is a need for a single standard by which these systems could complement each other.

The Decision IonChain
IonChain is a Blockchain which has the properties of scalability without the speed of transactions and consensus networks. It will consist of distribution networks that are capable of exponentially increasing the properties of the IonChain, providing opportunities for Blockchain technology enterprises around the world.

One of the components of the IonChain is an algorithm, which is a link between the Blockchain systems, ensuring their scalability.

One of the features of IonChain chains is their double-layer. The first layer of the chain contains a so-called fragment, and the second layer contains a hash appendage, which serves to confirm the first layer of blocks.

The following feature IonChain is the algorithm called cross transaction. This approach allows not to go all the way through the chain to confirm its consensus. A random sample of blocks from the chain will be enough.

IonChain is a blockchain which has no problems of scalability and security, at the current level of requirements for consensus.

.The IonChain algorithms also allow you to spend 2 times less energy on the same operations than the most energy-efficient Blockchain systems currently available.

IonChain, as a product, is a platform for which third-party developers can write applications. They have all the necessary access to the ecosystem.

Also, the platform will be able to use small and medium-sized business owners and entrepreneurs who create products based on IonChain. For them, it is a relatively inexpensive opportunity to use the Blockchain technology.

IonChain Command
The project is registered in Finland. The team strive to contribute to the development of Blockchain systems, focusing on data sharing speed and security. They see the iota system as their competitor, which has already claimed its rights to the growing Internet of things market. Their goal is to become a monopoly of Blockchain systems in China.

IonChain ICO
IonChain IONC creates the token in the network Blockchain Ethereum on the standard ERC-20. But over time it will move to technology IonChain, will take your coins. The IONC token will serve as a unit of exchange in the network, with its help it will be possible to pay for services and subscriptions.

The name of the token: IONC

Smartcontract: Ethereum -> ionchain

Issue: 1 000 000 000

ICO start: July 7, 2018

End of ICO: July 14, 2018

Soft cap: none

Hard cap: 1 600 ETH

Price: 1 ETH = 125 000 IONC

Accepted currencies: ETH

Minimum investment: 0.1 ETH

Maximum investment: 1.6 ETH

Conclusions about the IonChain project
The IonChain project belongs to the category of those that have great growth potential with a fairly modest Hard cap. The problem of scalability is really a very urgent problem of our time, without its solution, Blockchain technology can be stuck for a long time at the current stage, be expensive and risky. Let's see what the team IonChain will do. If the project is shot, the owners of the tokens IONC and investors to unprecedented levels of dividends.
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