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Hello dears! This is the second part of the review, in which I will continue to talk about an unusual and ambitious project – IOU.

The purpose of the creators of the platform IOU, to create a convenient and productive system in which sellers of goods and services would be able to sell their goods as profitably as possible and without intermediaries, and communicate with their customers. For buyers, the IOU will be a great opportunity for profitable purchases and earnings on the distribution of goods.

All this will be implemented through the use of blockchain technology and work on the principle of P2P – person to person (in other decryption options – peer to peer).

The benefits of the blockchain for trading platforms IOU

Thanks to the blockchain, the IOU platform will introduce ITS own ioux token, which will be used to pay for all transactions on the platform – purchase of goods, partner rewards, etc. Blockchain will make all transactions in the network as transparent as possible and eliminate the possibility of fraud and Scam.

Also, through the use of a chain of blocks on the IOU platform, an honest and transparent voting system will be implemented, which will allow buyers to rank sellers, thereby creating a convenient tool for determining good traders and screening them from the bad ones.

Application of the P2P principle in online trading

The principle of P2P usually has a different meaning, in this particular context (trade) involves direct interaction between the client and the supplier, without the help of intermediaries.

Intermediaries in the business, tied to trade in services and goods via the Internet, usually are payment systems that charge a Commission from sellers, or require payment for the installation of its cash on the website or for cashing in funds. Also, in addition to payment systems, intermediaries are various arbitrators, CPA networks, affiliate programs, marketers, distributors and others, each of which adds to the final price tag their interest.

On the IOU platform, unlike other trading platforms, the payment system will replace the ioux token, and the rating, the exchange of IOU goods and the customers themselves will be used to distribute the goods.

According to the trading concept of P2P, customers will be able to distribute goods and services of sellers through recommendations to their friends, and for this they will be rewarded with ioux tokens. There will also be an opportunity to purchase goods – each user will be able to resell goods or certificates for services to other users, thereby earning himself and expanding the trading potential of the IOU platform.

Project development, team and ICO

The IOU platform is currently under development. The beginning was laid in 2017, at the moment about half of the entire infrastructure is ready and the launch of the closed beta version is planned by the creators for February 2019, and in June 2019, an open beta will be released, which will be fully ready for work. Next will be the modernization of the platform and its scaling. At the moment, the main goal of the team of developers and advisors is the successful pre-sale of tokens, during which the funding necessary for the further development of the platform will be collected. Also, the tokens sold at the ISO stage will contribute to the economic growth of the system and strengthen the decentralization of the platform based, as I said earlier, on the block chain technology.

The team of developers and Directors is based on representatives of Russia and CIS countries, but it is worth noting that the IOU platform is international, so the team also includes representatives of other nationalities who will be responsible for promoting the project in other regions of the world. However, once in the team most of the developers from Russia, you can expect good support for the platform in the territory of the Russian Federation and the lack of legislative problems that happen with foreign trading and crypto platforms.

Website :https://iou.io/
Whitepaper :https://iou.io/assets/pdf/whitepaper.pdf
Facebook :https://www.facebook.com/iouico/
Twitter :https://twitter.com/iouico
Telegram :http://t.me/IOUCommunity
Medium :https://medium.com/@realIOU
Reddit :https://old.reddit.com/r/iouplatform/
Github :https://github.com/iouico/IOU
Ann thread :https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4845370

My profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1785944;sa=summary
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