IPSX is a platform for exchanging IP addresses.


It seems that again someone released a technological gin from the bottle. It's unclear who did what for, but in the current unstable time, the genie wants to radically change the habitual order of each person, to transform the Internet ecosystem. And he started with blockchain technology, whose technology consists in the distributed storage of information, security and transparency of all payment actions in the Internet space, concerning any vital issues. But we also should not ignore the fact that the technology is in the early stages of development, success, and failures, although its occurrence dates back to 2008. 

All current projects that want to achieve success in the development of their business are based and developed on a platform using blockchain technologies.  

Today's project is no exception

IPX is a project of a centralized market using blockchain technologies to provide seamless and secure exchange of IP addresses. IP addresses are a specific model of a telecommunications connection used to directly exchange IP and Framework traffic between clients of mobile devices. Internet service users face huge challenges every day in IP services, as they must change their IP address or remain anonymous before they can access some Internet resources for privacy.  

Below I will introduce some of the problems that users face: 

- The minimum income from the sharing of IP services. 

- payment of high subscriber fees for the use of VPN software. 

- limited IP offer. poor speed and throughput. 

IPSX will be able to solve the above problems with the use of Blockchain technology, which offers more to both IP-asset providers and users.    

Also, IPSX provides a certain set of functions based on the Ethereum platform, which allows, as stated above, direct transactions between providers, increasing the liquidity of the IP address and allowing any user with their own IP-address on their devices, directly connected to the Internet, to work with this platform.

Here are a few more options for consumers that this platform offers 

Well, firstly, it is possible to share IP addresses of devices or a data center to share a full range of unused IP addresses for reliable input of IPSX tokens in real time.

Secondly, each client gets real-time access to IP addresses from around the world and uses them from 5 seconds to a whole month.

Also, IP Exchange has created an infrastructure and a market that will allow any enterprise and service provider to create custom applications that require a large number of IP addresses based on the SDK and the IP Exchange APIs. And the VPN providers, in turn, can integrate their system with the IPSX SDK to allow their customers to choose from millions of IP addresses from around the world.

 How does the IPSX platform work? 

It's simple. It is enough to first install the application and share IP devices with the IP platform, or simply lease the current IP address from the IPSX platform. Also, you can use already unused IP-addresses on the IPSX platform as a data center.  

Road map

About the IPSX token    

The project launched its own IPSX token, based on the Ethereum and Blockchain. which will be used as a unit of exchange between members of the IPSX ecosystem, as well as for commission payments to the platform that are sealed inside the IPSX ecosystem. The ICO starts on February 28 and ends on March 5, 2018. Total tokens will be issued 1 800 000 000 IPSX. Price during the ICO, 1 IPSX / 0.0138 USD (0.00001 ETH). Hardcap is: 10,500,000 US dollars (10,800 ETH). Available for sale tokens: 50% of the total pool.   

The team of this project pours about 11 people, with extensive experience of robots and knowledge in various fields of activity in marketing, finance and IP technologies.

All information about the details of the project and the members of his team will be available on the following links:

Official website: https://www.ip.sx/
Bitcointalk [ANN]:

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