IRONX (IRX Token) - excellent exchange!

The blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies appeared relatively recently and have only the 10th summer history. However in 10 years of existence this technology could attract a large number of people worldwide. Not all people understand now what is cryptocurrency what is a blockchain and what are advantages at these technologies. Those people who already studied this sphere and know what digital assets have advantages begin to introduce this technology in the business and everyday life of people.

Initially cryptocurrencies were not widely adopted because of complexity of technology. Already many people begin to learn about advantages of digital assets. The main advantages are fast and safe transactions in any point of the world, the low commissions, absence of intermediaries in the form of banks and electronic payment service providers and others! All these advantages became the reason of introduction of digital currencies to various platforms, the companies, the enterprises...

Introduction of digital assets to various spheres of life of people led to the fact that a large number of coins appeared. Now them there is more than 2000. To trade in these assets the reliable cryptocurrency exchanges are necessary. Many cases are known when the exchanges blocked accounts of users or were just closed therefore it is necessary to approach the choice of the exchange responsibly. Now most the exchanges have a set of defects which it is necessary to eliminate. It is possible to carry to these shortcomings:

  • Low liquidity.
  • Lack of state regulation and protection of the rights of users.
  • Lack of a possibility of purchase of cryptocurrencies for fiat money.
  • Support of small quantity of languages.
  • Low level of client support.
  • Low speed of transactions.
  • High commissions.
  • Fraud risk.
  • To solve all above-mentioned problems, experts developed the IRONX project.


IronX is the exchange with high degree of safety which will work in the countries according to the legislation and to obtain licenses. The team of IronFX Group developers sets for itself an ambitious task to create a safe trading platform which will differ in high quality of customer service and a possibility of use of fiat money for acquisition of cryptocurrencies.

The exchange is developed by experts from IronFX together with EmurgoHK. The first company is engaged in trading and is in number of leaders of all market and the second company has highly qualified specialists in the field of a blockchain who already developed the Cardano platform!


The main feature of the platform will be the possibility of use as traditional and digital assets. The exchange will be able to give to people the chance to get easy access to trade in cryptocurrencies, to receive maximum efficiency from trade and to quickly remove means. The platform will be combined with already existing trading platform of the company which provides services of traditional trade in the market Forex. It will increase awareness of the public on cryptocurrencies!

The exchange already obtained the license in Estonia. In the near future it is planned to obtain the license and in other countries. Work according to the legislation will be able to increase trust of users and to attract on the market of new participants. Also obtaining the license reduces fraud risk. On the platform the wide choice of crypto assets will be presented!

Developers also created tools and conditions for convenient transition from the financial market to the market of cryptocurrencies. Treat these tools:

  1. Back office
  2. risk management
  3. maintaining accounts.

The platform will be realized on AlphaPoint technology which will give many advantages before other exchanges. It is possible to carry to these advantages: high performance, the simple and convenient interface, high level of safety, security from the hacker attacks and others...

The exchange will give the chance to the clients to trade from any device. It is possible to trade from the computer, the laptop, the smartphone or the tablet.

IronX will use own token of IRX which allows various discounts and bonuses to his holders on the platform. They can pay the commissions also the token gives the chance to receive the VIP the status. Now there is a public sale of these coins which will last till December 15.

I consider that the convenient and safe exchange combining traditional and digital assets and at the same time having high performance, high speed of work, client support will be able to attract large audience. IronX will be a great choice both for the beginner and for the professional trader thanks to a large number of coins and functions. The project already collected nearly 25 million dollars, it speaks about trust of people to this platform!

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