Three reasons to invest in IronX right now

Huge amount of benefits

Usually platforms do not give token holders a lot of privileges to prevent other users of feeling unfair. IronX offers completely different approach: they give IronX token holders a lot of benefits, so other people understand that it is much better to use native tokens, which increases demand for them on the secondary markets. Why people would like to use IronX? Because it is the first regulated exchange with proper support, great experienced team and clear plan for the future. By the way, they have already managed to attract almost 25 million dollars, so do not miss your chance to become one of the investors, because public sale could end very fast. 

Now let’s get back to the benefits. Here is the most outstanding of them:

Fee discount. Fees on IronX is very low, but for token holders they will be even lower. Sounds great for traders, who need to perform several hundred transactions a day – it would save them a fortune!

VIP status on the platform and all the connected portals. It means that you do not have to pay to become VIP, you will be VIP from the start. 

Discount for services, related with profile management. There are more fees to come, read IronX WP to find out more. 

High level of customer support

How many times you gave on solving issues on cryptocurrency exchanges, because nobody was here to help you? Forget about it, because IronX provides you will full-fledged customer support, just like in the best banks of the world. It means you would not have to wait for ages for answer from support and your account will never be blocked without significant reason. IronX is ready to communicate with users – this is brand new feature in the cryptocurrency exchanges environment.

Your bad English skills should not be a problem any more, because, according to IronX statements, support team speaks over 30 different languages, so you will be able to get help in convenient way. There is no other trading cryptocurrency platforms, which offer you the same level of service. 

Demand is growing stably

More and more people understand that holding is not an option. More and more people want to change their fiat for cryptocurrency and become traders. It is the best day for IronX to appear on market, because it has the best possible terms for newcomers, while the competitors try to focus on experienced traders only. 

In addition, IronX have much more trust than any other exchange, because it is regulated by respectful countries and not by island governments, who sell license to every broker, without checking any data about it. 

Good news for people, who are always on the road: IronX will be available on all the platforms, including PC and even tablets. Everything to make your user experience as comfortable as possible.  Moreover, IronX is compatible with the most popular trading software.

Amount of available IronX tokens is decreasing every minute. Do not miss your chance to make the best investment in your life! 

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