The popularity of virtual currencies is growing every year, and with it the number of crypto-currency trading platforms that allow trading crypto-currency assets is increasing. But, despite this, not every exchange on the market is able to meet the requirements of traders.

Among the most common disadvantages of cryptocurrency trading platforms should be highlighted:

lack of government regulation to protect the rights of the trader;
low liquidity does not allow traders to effectively trade digital assets;
no possibility to purchase virtual currency with Fiat, which makes it more difficult for newcomers to enter the market;
low quality of customer support and lack of translation of exchanges into other languages;
low speed of operations, often leading to losses;
low security and exposure to cyber attacks.
A new platform called IronX Exchange will eliminate all the above disadvantages and provide better conditions for trading virtual currencies.

Project objective
The main goal of IronFX Group, which is the developer of the IronX Exchange, is to create a regulated, service-oriented, strictly regulated trading platform, which will be characterized by high security, high-quality customer service and the ability to use Fiat funds to enter the cryptocurrency market.
Features of exchange
According to the developers of this platform, users will be given the opportunity to bridge the gap between the world of traditional Finance and the world of virtual currencies by addressing all of the above shortcomings. The IronX Exchange platform will facilitate easier entry into the trading of digital assets on a legal basis with maximum efficiency and lower costs for Deposit and withdrawal of funds.

The developers of the company strive to ensure the most comfortable transition from the financial market to the cryptocurrency by introducing a number of additional options, such as:

Back Office;
Account management.

IronX exchange will offer customers all the services necessary for comfortable trading of virtual currencies, as well as provide quality support and service. In addition, a number of tools for professional traders will be offered, including futures, stocks, spot products, leverage and much more.

It is worth noting that the IronX Exchange will be combined with the existing IronFX trading platform, which provides services for traditional trading in the Forex market. This will create conditions for raising public awareness about cryptocurrencies and operations related to them.
IronX Exchange will use a unique technology called AlphaPoint to operate the exchange, which provides the site with a number of advantages:

high performance - up to 1 million trades per second;
simple and clear user interface;
high level of personal data security;
high resistance to attack by cybercriminals;
the presence of regimes resistant to system errors.
Other advantages of the platform include:

wide range of cryptocurrencies;
24/7 customer support;
high speed of Deposit and withdrawal in virtual currency or Fiat.
It is important to note that IronX Exchange will provide an opportunity to trade using any type of devices, including PCs, smartphones and tablets running on iOS, Android, Linux or Windows operating systems. Moreover, traditional trading applications such as Webtrader and MT4 can be used for trading.
IronX will be governed by the laws of various countries. At the moment, the platform already has a license from FIU Estonia and will soon receive licenses from Malta and Gibraltar.

In addition, the platform will use its own IRX token, which can be used to pay the exchange fee. It is worth noting that when using this token, traders will be given discounts during the exchange, which stimulates its active use. Also, the presence of this token in the trader provides him with a number of advantages:

discounts in spreads and trading products;
free VIP status;
access to additional services.
It will be possible to buy IRX coins within the framework of the ICO.

ICO dates and details
The public sale will take place between November 11th and December 15th, 2018. During this period, 82 million IRX will be sold. The cost of the 1st coin will be $ 0.42.

Hardcap project - $ 50 million.

The distribution of tokens and funds is as follows:

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