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Cannabis is used not only in the recreational purposes but also for medical. The most part of people in the West it is forced to struggle with the illnesses using just medical marijuana. For such people the question of access to medicine is particularly acute their more than 200 million people on all globe very now. The set from them has no opportunity to buy medical cannabis because in their countries it isn't regulated in the legal framework in any way. There is no opportunity for tracking of process of production for to avoid cultivation for use not only in the medical purposes. And also often there are false recipes which drugstores won't be able to check in no way. For this reason such project as JIBBIT which is directed to the help to people for whom medical cannabis is necessary is created. Specifically in this article we will consider the command and the road map of this project in more detail.

Pay the attention to team of this project which consists not of Rastas as someone could think. The team is joined skilled by experts with wide experience of work. All these people are gathered by one with one purpose - to help the patients needing medical cannabis. Further we will consider them in more detail.

Daniel Pikulski - the chief representative of team, Daniel considers that in a blockchain it is technology of the future which will allow to carry out transactions quickly and is transparent. He travels all over the world with own shows generally in Asia. It is combined qualities of the engineer-diplomista on the one hand and the international famous artist on the other hand.

Hermann Kutzer - PR by the project manager is. Germann is the senior financial journalist in Germany since 1969. He watches events in the national and international financial markets. Being the senior editor he works on the publishing Handelsblatt group more than three decades and has created "the financial newspaper" Handelsblatt including the page for raw materials. Germann can lean on wide network of private investors and institutional subjects in the financial markets. Besides his advisory work for JIBBIT, he is also responsible for the market reporting on sale of tokens of JIBBIT.

Chirstian Winkens - one of developers studied computing visualization and has graduated from computer faculty. Since then he specializes in assessment of these sensors, off-line control of system. More than 12 years he develops and controls numerous web portals. Christian also works in the field of cryptocurrencies and technology of a blockchain more than three years.

Alexander Preis - one of members of the team. Alexander is a cofounder and the adherent of Jibbit and the enthusiast in a blockchain. He has more than 10 years' experience in the world financial markets. He also studied and applied difficult programming languages since early young years. More than 4 years he worked on the projects based on technology a blockchain. His purpose is connection of Jibbit network to the world of cannabis and also the market with a cryptocurrency scene.

In the conclusion I want to tell that the project possesses quite good and qualified group of developers and managers also the project there has already passed the way more than a year in size so the project is quite perspective.

— Autor: upbit
— Donate: 0x4954c5CbB96ebD73EA18a1F3ECefc98362BF10F2

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