Jinbi: say goodbye to volatile cryptocurrencies

Why do rates change so often?
Most of modern cryptos are extremely volatile, because they all depend on the market rules. It means that price is formed by need and supply. In the same time, need could be divided into two main sources. First is people, who use platform, which stands behind certain crypto. They need tokens to perform tasks and pay for services. Second is traders that try their best to get profits from the changing rates.
Combination of these two directions may be completely unequal. Bitcoin is great example: its rate had been growing because the supply was low and many traders want to get BTC to sell for bigger price in several days. People were shocked by the BTC rate growth, so they had started own farms. After passing of several month, the supply was slightly higher than demand, prices began to drop. Miners had understood that they need to sell BTC as fast as possible, which had just increased the fall.

But is it possible to create cryptocurrency with decreased volatility, but with the stable growth at the time? Modern projects offer three approaches. Some offer to control entire ecosystem manually and vote for invitation of every new participant. Others want to create consensus algorithms that control supply and amount of tokens on the external market. One more way is to bind token price with assets in physical world. The last option seems to be the best one, but team often fail the development phase.
Widespread mistakes

Teams often bind crypto to physical asset and end with it, so the crypto does not have its own growth mechanism, everything depends on the price of physical asset. It is terrible solution, because chance of getting real profit for tokenholders is extremely small.
However, there is one more approach, which is presented by Jinbi team. They want you invest not in real work asset, but in production of real world asset. Jinbi have agreement with two large world-know gold refineries, so there is no need to doubt in the quality of their gold. In addition, all the gold will pass independent 3rd party audit.
How does it differ from just buying gold and storing it in your bank? There are several points:
• Jinbi do care about your privacy. After passing the KYC procedure, no on will know where and how many gold you store unless you would like to disclose this data on your own.
• Amount of gold connected to the Jinbi smart contract keep on growing, which increases the real value of tokens and their price on external market.
• Except for the rise of the token price, tokenholders benefit from dividends that could be transferred in fiat money, cryptocurrency or gold itself
• The gold is bought just from the mines, which allows Jinbi get gold for price, which is lower than market one.
• Blockchain allows every uses to trace all the transactions and verify current amount of gold, which is connected to the smart contract. It means that you do not need to trust banks or storage owners – you can check everything on your own.

Great investment opportunity
Token price will be driven not only buy the growth of the amount of gold, but also with the market need. Amount of tokens is limited and none of them will be created after the ICO end. Jinbi team has even performed research about the possible token price in 2020 and it is $32.94.
Today you still can buy tokens for $7.04. It means that you will get almost 370% of clear profits and dividends, depending on the number of tokens on your account. Do not miss your chance!




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