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Karatcoin - building a better world!

To help increase gold production, a project was created - Karatcoin. This platform is directly connected with operating gold mines. The goal of the project is to unite all refineries, gold mining companies and business assets into a single blockchain ecosystem that will make the business truly efficient, transparent and reliable. The team will build a safe, useful and easy-to-use product based on a private blockchain on top of EOS technology. Benefit:
o DPoS compliance
o 10 seconds. for block
o Gateways for easy exchange

Own Blockchain uses a coordinated delegated rate confirmation (DpoS) system, which guarantees: better decentralization than bitcoin, less energy consumption, more security.

To help build a better world, the Karat Foundation is being created. The Karat Foundation will be established in accordance with the UN Guidelines on Human Rights and Human Rights, which emphasizes more effective control and supervision work so that gold is responsible and ethical.
The Karat Foundation will identify concrete actions to prevent the risk of slavery as part of its financial operations, which are mainly aimed at medium / small gold mines.
The foundation will work to protect the environment and protect human rights. More attention will be paid to those in extreme poverty in areas where the exploitation of child labor and women are abused.
The Karat Foundation will conduct analyzes, studies, and economic impact assessments in the field of social economics, both at the national and international levels.
• Investment Planning
• Feasibility study
• Technical assistance to support the definition and implementation of
• Environmental Impact Assessment
• Monitoring
• Economic impact assessments
• Development of economic models
• Identification of best practices
• Moni
• Communication
Road map

SEPTEMBER 2017 - Start developing a Karatcoin platform.
JANUARY 2018 - Research and Development
MARCH 2018 - Business Plan Created
JULY 2018 g. - Preview Programmed with a 30% bonus
AUGUST 2018 - Full working demonstration of our dApp
SEPTEMBER 2018 - Public ICO, bonus starts at 16%. Block Chain Development
OCTORBER 2018 - 1 ° Saft to highlight physical gold
NOVEMBER 2018 - Start selection of mining requests
MARCH 2019 - Take Karatcoin for full production.

ICO details

KCD token name
KCX (Blockchain Caratcoin token) is less volatile than other cryptocurrencies, since it is indirectly associated with a real asset belonging to a block chain. KCX will give owners the right to vote for all actions of the KARAT Foundation, which includes the selection of gold mines to be financed.
Total tokens 24 million KCD
Exchange rate 1 KCD = $ 0.1
Soft cap 40,000,000 KCD
Hard cap 250,000,000 KCD
You can participate in the ICO himage.pngttps://

Karatcoin has an experienced and enthusiastic team that is ready to make this project a reality. The Karatcoin team brings together a unique collection of experts in the field of cryptocurrency, distributed computing systems, mobile technologies and large-scale application development for consumers, which has created many award-winning applications.

In 2014, Simon Orso, Claudia Busato and the other two founders created Dreammy A.P.S - an Italian organization that encouraged people to create new ethical strategies and approaches to life, culture, music, entertainment, employment, nature, ecology and health. But today they are the founders of the large-scale project Karatcoin.
More information can be found on the website:
White paper:
Visit ICO
Twitter: https: // twitter .com / KaratCoins
Angel: https: //

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