KitToken's team are very talented individuals in the different endeavour with sole interest in good business and financial skills and with good knowledge of the blockchain technology.
Amir Mohamed- CEO: He holds an MBA in International Business from the University of East London. He has been the CEO of Billadam- a mobile applications and content development company based in the UK and Cyberjaya which produced the first mobile street map of London. He boasts over 25 years of entrepreneurship experience. He is also involved himself in the trading of cryptocurrencies.
Khalid Abu Hassan- Senior Vice President Corporate Finance : Masters of Science, Applied Statistics and Operational Research from Bowling Green State University.

Global trend of financial eco-system has evolved to a stage where blockchain technology has taken penultimate position as the driving force. The current scenario of emerging innovate technology such as blockchain technology, advancement in fintech, efficient, fast, secured, reliable and low-cost fund transfer as well as the utilization of cryptocurrency by the masses. It is just in time for financial industry to embrace the wave of change as the way forward.

KitToken is subjected to develop a sustainable and stable financial eco-system based on blockchain. KitToken makes utilization of the quality convention to complete P2P monetary exchanges. It will build a decentralized stage that will be bereft of mistake, with a specific end goal to convey quicker exchange convention. Since the blockchain biological system wants the best and present frameworks have huge difficulties that have been noted by clients, consequently KitToken is related in such manner to proffer enduring answer for blockchain innovation.

KitToken is officially registered with the Malaysian government. KitToken will trade on exchanges that are compatible with the SEC, where you can buy and sell them profitably. KitToken can be used with existing point programs. KitToken can be exchanged for crypt and cash. KitToken can also be purchased for items.

KitToken is a self-managed financial system based on P2P transactions on an open source platform. This platform is called KitPay.

KitPay will work as a centralized server within a decentralized blockchain infrastructure in an interconnected network. KitPay will allow users to have a wallet that stores, transfers and markets KitToken in daily conventional business activities. KitToken holders will benefit from the use and appreciation of KitToken's value. Ultimately, through a Point of Stake Plan (POS), KitToken holders receive participation in the benefits of the business activities of KitToken Inc.

KitPay provides a unique Ethereum hybrid model for storing and processing digital transactions in a secure and transparent manner that includes proof of work (POW) and stake test (POS). POW implies the number of transactions or the purchase of KitToken by the token holders. POS records the storage of KitToken in an individual wallet for the purpose of profit distribution.

Feature of KitToken
KitToken will undergo professional security overhauling and blockchain smart contract test to the quality of the security infrastructure before launch.
KitPay platform will involve people of various blockchain technology to actualize the transfer of money. Professional has devoted their time to ensure the credibility of the platform while reducing cost.


Successful project always has a purpose to reach. These points can be read easily on a roadmap to track every progress will be through on the project, easily shown on the roadmap to track the progress of the project. As you can see following below, the Roadmap of KitToken project looks very clear and informing. The team has planned in detail the big amount of tasks to be done and to be through.

ICO information

Token: KIT
Platform: Ethereum
ICO time: 20/7/2018-20/8/2018
Price: 1 KIT = 0.05 USD
Accepted Payment: ETH
Soft Cap: 5 millions USD
Hard Cap: 175 millions USD( more than 5 millions USD raised)

Despite the fact that the financial sector is still going to introduce innovative technologies, KitToken is already seeking to create a global digital financial society without borders. The project is certainly worthy of recognition by society and high evaluation of experts and time will tell their fate.



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