1st- 10th August 2018 (ICO phase 1)
Bonus KitToken: 30%
11th – 20th August 2018 (ICO phase 2)
Bonus KitToken: 20%
Soft Cap: $5 Million USD
Hard Cap: $175 Million USD
Minimum Contribution: 0.2 ETH or $100
*Refer people to buy KitTokens and receive 5% referral bonus

Pre-operation and Operating expenses= $2.5 million USD
Travel Agency= $4.25 million USD
100 Laundromats= $5 million USD
Petroleum bunkering= $10 million USD
Neuroscience center= $127.5 million USD
Kitpay merchant integration= $25.5 million USD
Higher education programme= $75 million USD
Mobile outlets= $5 million USD

There is much proving about the status of blockchain in the global financial sphere. This technology is the energy of the financial sphere and it can no longer be disputed. The swift delivery of financial transactions which competes with the speed of light, the safe, reliable, and cheap cost of transaction as well as the decentralization policy of digital asset is wowing.
KitToken makes use of the quality protocol to actualize P2P financial transactions. It will construct a decentralized platform that will be void of error, in order to deliver faster transaction protocol. Because the blockchain ecosystem desires the best and present systems have enormous challenges that have been noted by users, therefore KitToken is pertinent in this regard to proffer lasting solution to blockchain technology.
KitToken is proposed to be the best user-friendly ecosystem that will supersede the global financial system. The token holders will have a real value of their investment. The economy will be transparent, secure for everyone to use without fraud in cross-border transactions.
SHA-256 is present in KitPay platform with superior solidity code to engender swift and safe transactions in financial payment. There is the guarantee of our vision because our platform is backed with professionals across blockchain technology, the financial sphere among others.

It is at the core of our policy to popularize KitToken to the world through airdrops and bonus rewards program.
Employ 1 million KitToken (KIT) holders to alleviate peer to peer transactions.
Build an advanced project that will generate an annual return of 3-5% to KitToken holders.
Enhancing awareness of KitToken through social media promotion, and offline evangelism to reach to other sectors across corporate and government.
Create a group of stakeholders in goods and services to accept KIT as a mood of payment.
KitPay is proposed to be Malaysia first hybrid cryptocurrency wallet.
The KitToken will institutionalize capital investment in institutions, and link it with regulatory bodies.

It is seemingly unreasonable to see that the decentralization policy has been centralized. Centralization risks the investor’s fund which was the change that cryptocurrency defeated. Hence causing security abnormalities, hackers having access to the stored funds in exchanges, making a mockery of the whole system plus errors beyond human comprehension.
Transparency is another challenge of crypto, especially with their internal operations. Also, there is a lack of a corporate customer’s service. There have been several records of continuous delay in response to customer’s plight. As well as usability issues due to the nature of the digital assets. KitPay has a spontaneous user interface and a user-friendly platform to suit the plight of customer and the decentralization policy of cryptocurrency

The Fintech is the game changer as witnessed over the years, there has been a notable increase in the number of Fintech start-ups. This has accumulated a market capitalization of 50 billion USD. And has proven to be an era of global digitalization.
This is noticeable in all our activities inclusive of communication, finance, and other sectors. Blockchain technology has opened the world to unimaginable possibilities
Moreover, there are disadvantages which are imminent in the traditional financial system which FinTech’s and KitToken has decided to address through KitPay.

KitToken will undergo professional security overhauling and blockchain smart contract test to the quality of the security infrastructure before launch.
KitPay platform will involve people of various blockchain technology to actualize the transfer of money. Professional has devoted their time to ensure the credibility of the platform while reducing cost.
KitToken and KitPay is developed on Ethereum blockchain and running on the main Ethereum node.

KitPay is a decentralized ecosystem that will enable users to make fast, secure transactions. Token holders will have the quality worth of their tokens through POS system, as well as partake in profit sharing of KitToken financial returns.
KitToken foresaw a truly decentralized financial scenario where people will be able to transact without fear, with just a click.

How does KitPay Work?
KitPay fills in as incorporated server inside a decentralized blockchain framework in an associated with arrange. KitPay will enable clients to possess a wallet which stores, exchange and exchange KitToken in every day mundane monetary exercises. KitToken holders advantage from auxiliary use and valuation for KitToken esteem. Eventually, by betokens of a Point of Stake (POS) Scheme, KitToken holders get benefit sharing from KitToken Inc. business exercises.



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