The platform from KITTOKEN developer works on preparing use of service as extending challenge on clients within the field of business with the crypto currency to collects of returns with the transmission of payment as the use of occupation of the blockchain system with the ERC20/ETH network as the decentralized of customs with the transparency to gives with option on automation as securing of less on times and efforts as clients to dispose of worse on waste as expending proper on limit with the decision as becoming parts on subjects with the business with the crypto currency payment as the dedication.

To connect clients of merchant and users within the region of South East Asian as displacing use with customs of traditional banking and moves on extent to deliver of funds within less on times and leaves of chance on excess as client to focus on works with the tasks of different request as improving shifts on qualification as the decision of attains with the business with the crypto currency payment on collaborative relation.

The program from developer of the customs with the promotional tasks and gifts on reference to helps on customers awareness as the appropriation with the token to spreads with the wider clusters of community and moves on further with shift on stages as the decision on business to become merchant with the market with the offers of goods to delivers as request of exchange between partisan of field with the business as the occupation of the KITTOKEN platform on works with the mediation.

As manage on appealing challenge on entering market of exchange that developer to works on customs with strategics as the initials on preparedness to complete distinct on limit on value as percentage on returns with rise on drawing with the projection.

Token KIT
Price 1 KIT = 0.05 USD
Bonus Available
Platform Ethereum
Country Malaysia
Whitelist/KYC None
Restricted areas None

Why does KitToken need a Blockchain?

Payment of payments for crypto currencies and payments for the purchase of smart contracts at KitToken are carried out directly and without intermediary participation in any currency that is appropriate. Intellectual implementation of contracts and blockchain usage makes transactions safe and as fast as possible. An intellectual contract transfers funds to the recipient's account only if the item has reached its destination. Transactional transparency provided by blockchain technology, and KitToken holders will have access to open source statistics with the publication of important indicators of business processes in real-time and dynamic development platforms: purchases, number of active stores and visitors, average amount of income, etc. Bridging the gap between traders and users
To create a merchant community and users; including providers of goods and services, medical services, air travel and hospitality and education services to receive KitToken as a payment method worth 1.5 trillion. To make Malaysia's first crypto hybrid wallet platform known as Kitpay
Awareness and Recruitment
To create and promote awareness among KitToken Holders through air drop schemes and incentives.
To recruit 1 million regional KitToken holders and facilitate peer to peer transfer of 2.5 trillion rupiah of money
Network benefits and expansion
To create a unique high-value project that will contribute to the kittoken owner's income of 3 to 5% per year
To expand the user's network with aggressive branding and promotion

How does KitPay work?

KitPay functions as a centralized server in a decentralized network infrastructure. KitPay will allow users to have a wallet that stores, transfers, and trades KitToken® in everyday conventional economic activities. KitToken® holders benefit from the use and appreciation of comfortable KitToken® values. In the end, through the Point of Stake (POS) scheme, KitToken® holders receive profit sharing from KitToken® Inc. business activities.



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