Hello dear followers of my blog! Today we have a review of another portion of the perspectives and innovation. Huge competition world, the ICO rarely gives a chance for young startups to show themselves, to present their technology and solutions. But even in these conditions are projects which are easy to notice. One such project is Kratos. What is Kratos and how it works? Why do we need it? How it will contribute to the development of international trade in physical goods? How will this ensure a more transparent process trade transactions? This review will answer all these questions related to the platform Kratos, and will help you better understand the technology that underlies this creation. So let's start!

KRATOS is an innovative blockchain project, which specializiruetsya on financial and trade operations with goods. His goal is to modernize or even radically change the global trade of commodities. Arkratos the company seeks to launch its platform Kratos later this month and is currently testing it with four traders based in Dubai, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore. Kratos will use smart contracts to its platform that will perform operations independently after fulfilling the set conditions. Each part of the operational chain will be able to use these smart contracts cannot manipulate or duplicate. This reduces the risk of fraud and saves the time required for the transaction. Founder Arkratos, said that although the initial platform lending will not be implemented, the company is developing a module of trade Finance, by which goods can be bought and sold using the trading of loans on the system of Kratos.

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