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Hello my dear friends.I want this review to Shine a light on the technological project called Lancer Network is becoming more popular and it attracts more and more new users who have hungry eyes and a lack of information. The latter have to collect the crumbs, check your own time and wallet. To answer the question of which currency is best to invest in, which ICO will shoot at 100%, I can not, but I will try to tell and describe my own vision of the situation. Today we will analyze THE Lancer Network project. What is this ICO and is it worth investing in it?

What Is Lancer Network?
Lancer Network is a decentralized freelance site for the advertising and promotion of crowdsale and blockchain projects. Our members are comprised of those that want to earn cryptocurrency and the businesses that have the budget to pay for SMM and marketing services.

Lancer Network idea is to create a platform where anyone can work on simple tasks, businesses (focus on ICOs) can benefit and both the parties add value to this ecosystem. They can make transactions in main cryptocurrencies or the native LNW tokens.

Problems and Solutions
It should be noted that the freelancers work on platforms like Freelancer, oDesk, Upwork, etc. There are a few fundamental flaws and challenges associated with these platforms. Let us see some of them.

Lack of freelance job opportunities to the relevant worker

The absence of trust between parties regarding payments

Chances of fraud by either of the party

Quality and time issues.

Why Lancer Network stated as the best...

Native advertising and SMM from real users

Earnings in the industry of the blockade without any investment

A convenient hour site for finding kinds of qualifications for performing

Solution of non-standard tasks of promotion of the crowdsale and blockchain projects

Fundraising and the issuing of Lancer Network tokens (LNW* Conditional) are aimed at platform development, raising marketing funds, and advertising campaigns for the Lancer Network app. LNW token is a utility-tokrn that provides access to the platform’s operation.

A total of 1.5 billion Lancer Network will be released. Lancer nNetwork’s public launch and global marketing campaign will be launced on the basis of the money collected during the ICO round. All unsold tokens will be burned.

ICO will be launched in these steps:

Private sale: 26.05.18

Number of tokens for Private sales 35 000 000

Softcap — $ 200,000
Hardcap — $ 1,500,000
The money will be allocated for developing the Beta-version of the platform and for the marketing preparation of the ICO seed-round.

For trust and loyalty of our platform pre-sale, investors will get:

54 000 LNW for ETH in first five days of presale
52 000 LNW for ETH in second five days of presale
46 000 LNW for ETH to the end of tokens presale
ICO : 26.07.18
Number of tokens for ICO will be 148 000 000 LNW (*Conditional)
Softcap $ 800,000.
Hardcap $ 8 000,000
Token Distribution


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