End of the Road, or Beginning of the Journey … Malaysian Borneo – Landscape Photography

Staying on Borneo during the rainy season made for a unique vacation … and a very wet one.

This lane goes nowhere
I stayed in a guesthouse on this narrow lane just outside of the village of Santubong. While the gravel road essentially ended at the entrance to the guesthouse, this muddy lane continued on to the seashore. (In fact, this lane does not even appear on Google Maps. The guesthouse – known as The Village House – appears to be in a “grey zone.”)

After 2 days of steady rainfall, I was told that this lane was flooded and therefore impassable. But when the rain stopped, I put on my flip-flops and waded down the lane to the seaside.

The sea lanes go far
It seemed as if nobody had been there recently, or even for a long time. And it seemed as if there were nowhere to go from there.

Nowadays, we landlubbers see this as the end of the road. But in the days of yore, seafarers would surely have seen this as an ideal spot to begin a quick trip down the coast, or even a long journey to a distant land.

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