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LBX: London Block Exchange and its calling the Startup the company and in combination the London Block Exchange trading platform (LBX) not only successfully came on the market of cryptocurrencies. According to positioning of official representatives of LBX is the first company offering stablecoin supported with national monetary unit of Great Britain pound sterling. Only in a year the official site of cryptocurrency exchange took the place in a niche and persistently moves ahead towards to the bright financial future.

LBX are advantages of use and main objectives

The CEO of the company, he is a founder, Benjamin Dayvs, however, as well as all LBX team (the co-founder and Executive director Dzhono MacLeod, the Chairman of Executive committee doctor Adam Braynt), chose the aggressive strategy of entry into the market. Now, at the end of 2018, they presented to the world an opportunity to link the cryptocurrency account to the debit card VISA. Plans start of own new - LBXPeg. And also released the LBXPay application which will allow crypto - to the companies to make calculations and to monitor financial flows.
And possibilities of the cryptocurrency card are almost not limited, and also allow to pay with digital currency practically all services and goods in the territory of Great Britain.
Main advantages of use of the website of LBX:

  • constantly extending functionality;
  • the authentic application for kraudseyler (ICO), funds, traders and other legal persons from the sphere of cryptocurrencies;
  • gives the chance of the corresponding education on the basis of College Of Crypto;
  • is only crypto - the exchange which is officially carrying out the activity in the territory of Great Britain;
  • stable activity and the maximum protection of clients in operations with electronic currencies;
  • unique opportunity of a conclusion of cryptocurrency, converting into pounds sterling;
  • provides services of an online purse;
  • makes digital assets more available to the clients.

As for financial side, it is important to note that the commission from sale and purchase of cryptocurrency (bitcoin, litecoin, xrp, eth and also monero) at the exchange makes 0.5%. And initial contribution for use crypto - the card will make 20 pounds sterling. And at withdrawal of funds by means of ATMs, removal of small percent will also be made.
Assessment of WhitePaper shows exclusively positive sides and potential opportunities from implementation of this project in crypto - the sphere. With LBX the blockchain takes a step forward.
The website exchange has the analog appendix which allows to manage accounts and to make purchase and sale of cryptocurrency in online the mode. This step considerably simplified use by functionality which presents to London Block Exchange.
The cryptocurrency exchange densely and thoroughly works in electronic financial space and even underwent testing for compliance to requirements which are imposed to the companies and are directed to fight against money laundering and identification procedures of the clients. Therefore all deysnviya on this trade

1 (1).png

Who in team?
Benjamin Dives , Jono Mcleod and others

How much are tokens?
the price of Presale for 1 ETH = 1000 LBXu


— Autor: upbit2
— Donate: 0x4954c5CbB96ebD73EA18a1F3ECefc98362BF10F2

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