London Block Exchange – ICO & Bounty program

London Block Exchnage ( is a fiat to cryptocurrency exchange in the heart of the City of London. LBX offers easy acces to the cryptocurrency markets for both the curious and experienced. Our products and services focus on the demanding needs of retail and institutional investors. LBX supports 30+ fiat and cryptocurrency trading pairs and provides direct to UK onshore and Euro and USD payments.

LBX is also an FCA-registered EMD Agent.

The LBX is launching a Visa card, the Dragoncard, that will allow users to spend their bitcoin savings. The card, designed to overcome a key drawback of bitcoin that it is not a widely accepted form of payment, will convert holdings in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to pounds and allow users to conduct day-to-day transactions as though with a credit/debit card.

LBX support 30+ fiat and cryptocurrency trading pairs and provides direct access to UK onshore banking an Euro and USD payments. LBX is also an FCA-registereg EMD Agent

LBX has launched a utility exchange and app, and is now developing a regulated security token exchange to compete with the current traditional capital market exchanges in London.

LBX has identified and solved customer issues that existing cryptocurrency exchanges have disregarded in return for faster delivery.

LBX offers a number of products and services for the crypto market:
• Fiat gateway for crypto
• Outstanding customer support
• Educational content for newcomers
• Institutional grade OTC for professional traders

_Crypto Payments Account (Q4 2018)

Since the inception of a frictionless, decentralised form of money, customers have suffered the impact of an
unfriendly environment. Our service provides customers a payments account from which they can make all of their regular payments in either fiat, cryptocurrency. or a combination of both.

_Advanced Web Trading (Q12018) _

Our advanced web based trading screens will be available for experienced traders. Along with educational content. the interface will also allow the crypto curious to learn the mechanics of an order book and a matching engine.

_Over-the-Counter (Nov 2017) _

By leveraging one of the only onshore banking solutions available in the UK, our OTC desk services hundreds of
family offices, ICOs, hedge funds and professional traders. The desk offers a variety of crypto and is paired with GBP, EUR and USD.

_Custody (sep 2018) _

We offer a regulated service for fiat and other financial instruments, together with a maximum security solution for digital assets as part of our custody service. This gives institutions peace of mind when storing funds with LBX Custody and LBX Digital Custody.



LBX is launching a utility token. LBXu. that gives discounts to buyers when they stake or spend on the LBX platform.

The presale will run from September to November 2018, and tokens can be purchased using GBP. ETH and BTC. All tokens sold during the presale will be released for trading over 25 months in order to reduce oversupply. Any unsold tokens from the presale will be added to the public sale process.

The public sale is governed by an open and fair monthly 'blind' auction to create a supply level that matches the growth of the business. During this phase, tokens can be purchased using ETH.


Total supply - 250m LBXu
Available for presale - 100m LBXu
Presale hard cap - 100.000 ETH
Presale price - 1 ETH=1.000 LBXu
Bonus - Sep 2018=30%, Oct 2018=20%, Nov 2018=10%



1,750,000 LBXu Tokens will be allocated for this bounty campaign.
→ Campaign 1: YouTube, Blog posts, Articles Bounty – 20%
→ Campaign 2: Bitcointalk Signature Bounty – 20%
→ Campaign 3: Twitter Bounty – 15%
→ Campaign 4: Facebook Bounty - 10%
→ Campaign 5: Reddit Bounty – 10%
→ Campaign 6: Medium Bounty - 10%
→ Campaign 7: Translations Bounty – 5%
→ Campaign 8: Linkedin Bounty – 10%

YouTube, Blog posts, Articles Bounty

YouTube: Make a POSITIVE review video about LBX
Blog/Article Posts: Post a POSITIVE review about LBX
Suggested locations to post: Medium, Steemit + more

Recommended discussion topics

  1. Your opinion about LBX project
  2. What is the solution offered by the LBX project (Explain about LBX pay or LBX Peg)
  3. The advantages of the LBX project
  4. How is the potential of the LBX project in the future
  5. Conclusions regarding the advantages of the LBX project (how will the LBX project be useful in the future)

Stakes for this bounty will be based on the quality of your Content
→ Top Quality: 5 stakes;
→ Good Quality: 3 stakes;
→ Okay Quality: 1 stakes.

Bitcointalk Signature Bounty

This Signature Campaign is limited to 150 Participants only

→ Member: 5 stakes per week;
→ Full Member: 10 stakes per week;
→ Sr. Member: 20 stakes per week;
→ Hero/Legendary: 40 stakes per week.

Twitter Bounty

Twitter payment structure:
Less than 500 followers: 1 stakes per/Week
501 to 5000 followers: 3 stakes/Week
5000 or more followers: 10 stakes/Week

Facebook Bounty

Facebook payment structure:
300 to 1000 Facebook friends: 10 stakes/Week
1001 to 5000 Facebook friends: 35 stakes/Week
5000+ Facebook friends: 50 stakes/Week


50-100 Post Karma: 6 Stakes/week
101-250 Post Karma: 8 Stakes/week
251-1000 Post Karma: 10 Stakes/week
1001+ Post Karma: 13 stakes/week

Medium Bounty

Medium payment structure:
Subscribe to the channel: 25 stakes


Translating LBX Project’s Whitepaper, Announcement Thread and Moderating and Managing the thread. Keeping that active by Posting regular updates, news announcements from official thread, facebook and twitter.

Whitepaper: 200 Stakes
ANN thread+Bounty Thread: 150 Stakes
Moderation/Management: 5 Stakes per Valid Post.

Linkedin Bounty

Linkedin payment structure:
Less than 500 followers: 1 stakes per Week
501 to 1000 followers: 3 stakes per/Week
1000 or more followers: 10 stakes per/Week

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