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Lesfex is a currency exchange that makes it possible to provide highly innovative trading opportunities for investors of all levels of experience.

Lesfex can also be called a platform that will issue crypto, crypto-trading, and block-account assets for the general public with the help of easy-to-understand crypto-trading.

Functional token function, LFX, to facilitate easier and more successful tools that are easy to use. The Lesfex Platform will allow investors to study before and after trade using technical indicators, data, analysis, community strategy development, and analysis.

The Lesfex team is a professional and highly selective, doing a new compliance check will become a form to access the user platform that has all the information they have for a safe trading review. Seeing the number of new coins being introduced to the market, this shows that there are many projects to be carried out with the ICO, which need to be exchanged to make, and here Lesfex is ready to serve the market.

The Lesfex exchange plans to solve the many problems inherent in many exchanges, the problem is:

lack of customer support
Market manipulation
there is market research
high transaction fees
high fees for listing on the exchange
Lesfex Exchange was developed by Octanox (OTX) by expert teams. Which is intended to be given to the Octanox community, offering discounted fees for all those who support this project as investors. Octanox welcomes everyone to use lower cost advantages to become part of the investor community. The Lesfex team knows that it is impossible to gain trust and build reputation in a fast way, therefore, the teams continue to work every day to get the high respect and trust of Lesfex users.

Lesfex also uses a very simple but very sophisticated digital trading tool that makes it easy for its users.

Lesfex’s own system continues to be updated and tested to ensure that it complies with the best standards in the industry.

Blocking specialists have built a very secure platform, preventing any and all types of malicious attacks that can affect the merchant community.

With the rapid development of blockroom technology, the Lesfex team will be vigilant in ensuring and maintaining a stable and safe platform for user convenience.
Unlike most ICO projects that operate on the market today without existing platforms or projects supported by the development platform, Lesfex is one step ahead of everything that has been specially designed with teams that have special expertise as well. Lesfex is already set by exchange crypto currency, which is fully functional.

And you also need to know that the Lesfex Platform also has tokens in the available platform where the Token is very useful for you.

Then what is the name of the token?
The Lesfex Exchange Token is named LFX. The token has an ERC20 standard that has been designed to make friendly exchanges, with the aim of helping crypto currency projects and new projects to come.

And here I will explain in detail about LFX tokens.


Token Name : Lesfex
Symbol : LFX
Payment : Bitcoin & Ethereum
Typing :ERC20
Sales : September 30 – December 8
September 30 – October : 6 0.03 USD
October 7 – October 13 : 0.04 USD
October 14 – October 20 : 0.05 USD
21 October – 27 October : 0.06 USD
November 28 – November : 3 0.07 USD
November 4 – November 10 : 0.08 USD
11 November – 17 November : 0.09 USD
November 18 – November 24 : 0.1 USD
November 25 – December 8 : 0.11 USD
General information

Min. Buy : $ 50
Payment : of BTC, ETH
Distributed on Token Sale : Depending on Sales
Soft Cap : $ 5M
Hard Cap : $ 50M



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В избранное
На Golos с 2018 M05

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