Lesfex is an existing exchange of crypto-currencies, which provides a number of functions that overcome the shortcomings of many traditional exchanges. The exchange platform is going to organize an ICO pre-sale from September 30th to October 27th, and the main sale will take place from November 3rd until December 8th. In the ICO, the LFX marker will be offered at a different price of $ 0.03 to $ 0.11 in different phases. The Lesfex platform has a user-friendly interface that allows the user to view crypto-currencies, block assets and perform crypto-trading in a simple manner.
What makes Lesfex different from several other exchange platforms is that it allows investors to study pre and post trading sessions using critical indicators, data analysis, community strategies and basic analysis. The platform is built to provide a trading platform for users who support both new and well-proven crypto-currency flows, which constantly increases opportunities for traders. This revolutionizes the work of crypto exchange by combining Forex and blockchain technologies together to provide users with the best trading experience.
Lesfex is supported by a team of expert professionals with vast experience in the field of crypto currency, which carefully analyze each new coin and welcome only the best projects in the trading community. The audit of new projects also ensures that traders have the information they need to ensure a safe trading experience. Although most exchanges do not provide information about their cryptoactive resources to users, Lesfex supports transparency by providing a built-in “information center” that provides traders with all the tools and information needed to research coins, projects, technical documents, and key team members before investing in any of the Altcoins.

In addition, the exchange Lesfex also supports round-the-clock, friendly and qualified customer support that are ready to respond to all types of requests. The platform implements advanced security standards that are better than traditional banking systems, stock markets and forex markets. The data will be encrypted using regular key exchange, limiting access to keys directly, storing each key on hardware security modules, applying two-factor authentication (2FA), and regularly changing the password. He will also use the cold wallet storage technology to ensure the proper provision of all virtual funds. In addition, the cost of transferring a coin on the Lesfex exchange is also less than the cost offered by a number of other exchanges.
Investors who buy the LFX token through the ICO can also benefit from low transaction costs and trading on the platform. For more information on the platform and upcoming ICO, please visit:


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