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The Essence Of Life

What Is The Essence Of Life?

What do you think is the essence of life? What do you look out for in life? What is your life all about? If I tell you we can have a mathematical expression for the essence of life, would you believe it? If you are asked to develop a mathematical expression for the essence of life, would you be able to? I stumbled on a post on Quora by Niel Patel, and I would like to share with you.

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EOL = x* A+(100-x)*E


EOL = Essence of life in the Achievers category
A = Essence of life in the Achievers category
E = Essence of life in the Enjoyers category
x = percentage of how much you agree with the Achievers category

There you have it, the essence of Life expressed in mathematics. Based on this formula, we can conveniently say there are two types of people. Which one are you? There are Achievers and Enjoyers. Is your life goal to achieve or enjoy life. Do you think there should be more, or you could be both.

Achievers are people who push themselves to the limits. They are people who want to get more things in life. They are people who don't let life pass them by. They want their names to be in the history books. They always want to do something and be known for it. Solving problems and overcoming challenges is how they have fun. They always want to prove themselves. They believe they can do anything. They are often very successful but often empty in their personal life. They end up having fame and money, but no friends. They often leave legacies though. They might love politics or solving world problems.

Enjoyers They believe in the wise saying, "happy yourself, because nobody will happy you". They believe that the little things in life makes it fun. They spend time with the people they love and care for. They believe happiness is more important than any other thing in life. They are often seen as average by society. They do fun things and don't stress themselves too much of the worries of the world. They do what they can, but they don't let their personal enjoyment suffer. They are often loved by all who know them. They spend time with family and friends and might even like walking in the rain.

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