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You know sometimes when you come to a city for the first time, you instantly have a certain vibe with it. This can turn out positive and negative for whatever reason, but the fact is: the impression is there and it is burned into your memory. I guess this goes the same for meeting people as well, first impression does still remain everything, and you need a lot of input to change this initial first thought


I remember back in the days I was on the job commity hiring new students for a inhouse traineeship, I had to see from a 20 minute conversation if there were going to be up for the world of surgery. These 20 minutes seem like a super short period of time to judge on if somebody would fit in this crazy world, but reality was totally different.
I would always pick them up in a room where they would be waiting for their interview. Just from THAT first impression to seating them down and getting them a cup of coffee, I could already tell easily if someone would be suitable for the job or not. In the end, a resume will tell you a lot on somebodies previous working experience, but your gut feeling about meeting somebody for the first time is everything. Visioning yourself working a difficult nightshift with THIS person, is that person reliable or not. Will patients get the instant feeling of that you will do everything that you can for them or not. Will this person be honest about their skills and know when to call in help or not or would they try to be the hero bringing your patient in danger.

Reality on these interviews was: In the first minute I would decide on a gut feeling if this person was capable for the job or not. From the 40+ people that I hired, my gut feeling was almost never wrong.


So back to the topic: I also do this on cities. You walk in, smell the air, feel the general vibe and decide if you like the place or not. Today I find myself fairly confused on my judgement on the city Zürich. Over the past couple months I have been to Zürich a couple of times and reality is: I don't really like the place.
Yes, the architecture is beautiful but my main issue was the coldness of the city. People seemed totally self centered and snobby, and I didn't find ONE place where I felt a bit at home (okay, maybe the international beer bar, but that doesn't count...those places are good in any city :D). But this week I went to visit the Christmas markets for some glühwein and I got a totally different impression of the city. Lights everywhere, beautiful decorations and people laughing, smiling and being open.
Is this because I went to different places, and saw a different kind of people? Or I am just being more openminded because my mind is in a different state? The fact is: I really had to adjust my general opinion about Zürich.

What happened to my gut feeling? Or is the Christmas spirit taking over and making me less judgemental :)

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