#1 Stay healthy with me

In this series i m going to tell you about some rules and methods to remain healthy which i have learned from our ancestors.

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While cooking if the food doesn’t get contact of air and sunlight then this food will work like slow poison in the system.
This means that pressure cooker is very bad for health. While cooking in pressure cooker the grains get broken and thus become soft. This does not mean getting they are getting cooked. So the food thus prepared is useless for the body.
The molecules get damaged and hence the food becomes useless for the body.
Diabetes, Bronchitis, TB, Asthma etc. 48 ailments have been directly traced to pressure cooker by modern scientists at CDRI/CSIR labs.
Best utensils for cooking are clay, kaansa and peetal or bronze in that order.
Researchers at the CDRI Lab in Lucknow (a central govt. body) have found that after cooking say Arhar daal in Clay pots 100% of the micro nutrients originally present in the daal are still there, 93% are left after cooking in kaansa utensils and 87% after cooking in peetal or bronze utensils.
Whereas after cooking the same daal in a pressure cooker only 13% of these micro nutrients are left. Essentially what is left is worthless and unusable by the body.
Refrigerator is also very harmful for health.
Solar cooker is the best cooker. Those types of solar cooker should be used which have open vessels. Aluminium vessels are common in solar cookers and should never be used.
The ash left after dead body is burned contains these same 18 micro nutrients – the same as soil. No other natural thing contains all 18.
We could have produced aluminium thousands of yrs ago. Our shastras have the techniques. But we used clay pots since it is the best from every angle.
The longer an item takes to ripen in the field, the longer it will take to cook at home. Pressure cooking it will make the food useless for the body.
Nature has designed everything with enormous attention to detail. E.g. the top of the plants are eaten by humans and birds, middle part is for animals and roots are for the earth herself.

Chronic diabetics who started doing all their cooking in clay pots – sugar levels came down from 480 odd to 180 odd in less than a year.

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