Roshan was the owner of a health insurance company who was a very successfull businessman. One day when he left his house to go to his office and opened the carriage door, A dog sleeping under his car suddenly came out and bit on his leg. Roshan got very angry and took a stone and threw the dog, but not hit the dog, the dog run away.Then rosan go to the doctor and get his treatment.
When Roshan reached the office, he called his manager for a meeting and during the meeting, Roshan unloaded the anger of the dog on the manager.The manager also got angry because of this behavior of the owner, he lifted his anger over an employee.This kind of behavior of the manager got angry with the employee and he threw his anger over a peon.The peon also got angry when he heard of employee but nobody work under him so when the peon reached her house, her wife asked the reason for coming home so late.The peon upset due to anger threw at him by the employer, so the peon slap to his wife and said that he goes to work and thus do not irritate him by asking the stupid question.So, now the wife got upset because with out any reason her husband slap him. She puts her anger on his son who was watching tv.she give him a slap and said Turn off the TV now and go for studies.
The son gets upset now.he walks out of his house and sees a dog passing her house by looking at him. He picks up a rock and hits the dog in his anger. The dog getting hit by a rock and runs away barking in pain.This was the same dog that bit the businessman early morning.MORAL OF THE STORY IS-
This was bound to happen.As you sow, so you shall reap.This is how the life works. we should concentrate more on how we are living and behaving because If we do good, Good will come and If we do Wrong, Wrong will come.

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