4 smart pursuits that do not impede the ease of work and individual life


At the same time, it is very difficult to be a member of the company's dedicated workers and family. It is more important to establish yourself as one of the best employees of the company rather than enjoying living with the family considering the rising living cost and limited job market.


However, all the tasks that are not the same again. Successful work is done in the family with enough time. There are many jobs or jobs that allow you to live in a beautiful and social life by keeping your physical and mental health. Today, in this article, we will talk about what can be done in a very good way.

1. Data Scientist

Data Science is a kind of industry of complex analysis and information from a company's perspective, which analyzes the information from SEO to the website's performance model so that the information is easily presented so that many complex issues are easily understood. The results of data science or data science research and their overall work help the company to produce more and more products by producing more productive ones.


The use of this information science in any sector creates more workplaces and working environment, which is undoubtedly more than any institution which does not use information science. That is why data scientists or data scientists are constantly on the top of the living standards of living, keeping the balance of life and work life.

According to the 2013 data, the average monthly salary of information scientists in the world market is 90 thousand to 1.20 million US dollars.

2. Game designer

Do you know, the people behind some of your favorite video games or iPhone game designs maintain their balance as well as their own actions and individual lives, as well as their creativity? Like other workers, their lives do not get annoyed by the workload! But do not confuse them with their game developers. Game developers conduct operations to fully implement the work, which is the most complex task of creating something using technology.

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Game designers only create game sketches, user guides, and game interfaces. The basic creation of creative skills and technology is very comfortable for the workers. So the designers of the game also live a life of keeping the work and life of a person like the Data Scientists.

According to a 2013 estimate, the average monthly salary for the game designer of the world market is 50 to 80 thousand US dollars.

3 Social Media Manager

A social networking manager is a person who sees and controls the details of digital marketing of a company. In the past, there was no such kind of profession. Because social media has become widely media only since the last decade. Regardless of the responsibility of the big company, social media management is very much like the work of the freelancers. When working, I feel like using Facebook comfortably myself.


But it is not the responsibility of the social management manager to publish it in the morning or to express it in a pleasant environment. Certainly, the first responsibility to ensure the desired promotion of the company by employing advertising and marketing strategies. In fact, there is a second look of social networking manager online. The digital appearance makes this profession a lot of social communication, which automatically makes their lives comfortable.

In the US market, the average monthly salary of the social investing manager is 55 to 70 thousand US dollars.

4. Investment consultants

An investment advisor is a person who helps in organizing investment portfolios of people representing banks. Considering the fact that their market is analytical knowledge, the client's financial condition and the real picture of the specialty advises the client to make the right decision.

To be an investment advisor does not require more professional qualifications than graduation in economics or finance management. Moreover, this work is not required to work tirelessly throughout the month. In many cases, there is virtually no work in most of the month. It is rare to find a job that does not create too much obstruction in office and person life. Moreover, due to the type of work, the boss is more careful not to be a worker but to the office boss. Because Bose's economic success depends on his advice.


According to Europe, the median salary of this work is 65 to 75 thousand dollars, with attractive bonus considering a contemporary period.

The above mentioned 4 occupations are the smartest and most comfortable activities at the present time, where it is possible to properly apply their own creativity. For people of personality, creative and transparent thinking, this is an ideal profession from any of these occupations, which will not interfere with their actions and individual's life's well-being.

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