Why I Love Linux

Linux is widely used from basic usage to advanced such as the server, but what makes people love Linux. Linux is not just an operating system that people use it but something that can be loved. Linux powers the biggest servers on the earth such as Googles, Amazon, Facebook and many other servers including the server our website is hosted, but most importantly it powers every programmer and hacker heart.

Not just programmers love Linux, but everyone loves it including its biggest competitor Microsoft.


But what makes Linux so powerful to attack everyone's heart including its competitor to love him?

  1. Linux is Free
  2. Linux is Fast
  3. Linux is more secure than any Operating System
  4. Linux is well documented
  5. Linux has many different distros that can fulfill your need
  6. Linux is Open Source
  7. Linux can run any software including Windows software
  8. Linux has the best Terminal
  9. Linux does not crash
  10. Linux doesn't need fancy hardware


Microsoft has been working with Linux for years and they have beat Facebook, Docker, Google, Apache in the open source market.

Recent moves include the open sourcing of PowerShell, Visual Studio Code, and Microsoft Edge's JavaScript engine. Microsoft also partnered with Canonical to bring Ubuntu to Windows 10 and acquired Xamarin to aid mobile app development. Microsoft even opens sourced Xamarin's SDKs and developer tools and brought SQL Server to Linux.

Microsoft has been working on open source software for at least a decade, but they were not as much active as they are now. Microsoft will never open source Windows or Office products as they were closed source from the start, but their work on Github shows Microsoft is one of the open source companies. As Linus Torvald says "Talk is cheap, Show me the Code.", Microsoft is showing their love to Linux by contributing to open source projects on GitHub.

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