How to clean phone loudspeaker

Many faced such problem: during a call of the interlocutor it is very badly heard as if he speaks on a public address system and is far from the gadget. It means that the top loudspeaker of phone has got littered. It isn't necessary to run to the master because this problem can be fixed easily independently.

Sand particles (if you had a rest by the sea recently) could get to a grid of the loudspeaker, it could be hammered with dust or dirt. There are several ways of cleaning of the loudspeaker which don't even demand dismantling of the device.

Try to clean the loudspeaker an ownerless toothbrush: do by her circular motions on a loudspeaker grid. It is very important that fibers of a brush got to grid holes to clean pollution. But also you shouldn't be overzealous not to damage a grid.

Cleaning by a brush hasn't helped? The needle will help. Here it is necessary to be very cautious as much as possible. Stick with a needle into each opening of a network to clean in them pollution. It is necessary to push a needle not more deeply, than on half-millimeter! After that and the last way of cleaning it is necessary to put the chewed chewing gum that to her the dirt remains have stuck to a loudspeaker grid. Apply chewing gum several times that it is more dirt to collect.

If superficial cleaning of the loudspeaker hasn't worked, then it is necessary to disassemble it to clean a grid. It is possible to wash out it hydrogen peroxide. If cleaning doesn't help, it is necessary to replace a detail. But it is better not to risk with repair of phone, and to carry it in service where it will be diagnosed and repaired.

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