The love he never had

She walked down his street carelessly
Not knowing that with her every step
She made a 12 year old boy wonder
How couldn't she know she was beautiful
Though they were still kids
How didn't she know she was beautiful

Years passed the boy loved her still
They grew closer, each telling their different ordeals
He wanted more than anything to be with her
But couldn't bare to take that risk
He wanted more than anything to be with her
Deep down all he wanted was her kiss

10 years later, that brings us to now
He had gone to college while she settled down
His doorbell rings and behold his childhood love
Stood there with a man she had now come to love
In that moment he knew he had forever lost his first love
As she introduced him to her new profound love

He began to wonder
What if he had told her
All the things he should have said
What if he had said all that
How could he have such love
For a girl he never had

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