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Digital technologies became an integral part of our life recently. To stay all the time in touch it is now not a dream and need as the Internet and mobile communication give us a set of advantages today. Thanks to these technologies people order goods, receive notices, watch news and communicate with the relatives. However despite a number of similar advantages in the modern digital platforms using the Internet there are several shortcomings - the lack of confidence, lack of guarantees of authenticity of digital identity of documents and personal data, a high probability of plunder of personal information and copies of documents for the purpose of the subsequent their use in the illegal purposes...

For realization of goals creators of the project intend to use Blockchain technology safe storage and the information transfer allowing to provide. Within Lynked.World several internal tools will be used

  • the platform for verification of biographic information and digital identity;
  • digital purse of Lynked.World Digital;
  • the platform for application development;
  • the portal for job search.

The first element is used during creation of a digital profile of the user or the company on Lynked.World. During registration the participant of the platform enters various data including certificates, identification records, data from the service record or the sanitary book and also information on education and the place of residence or registration. The brought these users then will be able to use in need of their giving in the state departments or at employment. Thanks to Blockchain technology all participants will be sure of authenticity of information that will eliminate need for conducting any additional checks...

The second element is the digital purse of "Lynked World Digital". This application can be installed on the mobile phone and is used for the subsequent document transfer at visit of various institutions. On a digital purse electronic copies of the passport, the driving license, tickets and many other documents can be stored. Transfer of the relevant information will be carried out by reading of the specialized QR code from the device screen!


The third, but not less significant element of the platform is the platform for application development allowing to develop own decisions on the basis of Lynked.World ecosystem under certain needs.


One more Lynked.World element is the portal for job search where each of users can place data on the education, information on the previous place of work and also the works on which they worked earlier. Employers will be able objectively to estimate each candidate due to Blockchain technology and to recruit the best workers and the person, engaged in job search, will be able to save own time and not to attend frequent interviews!

The Lynked.World platform will allow many people and the organizations fully to enjoy all benefits of modern technologies namely will give an opportunity to get rid of unnecessary paperwork. Thanks to this platform it will become also simple to use the documents how to open the page on the Internet. Reliable protection of personal data will be in addition provided, need of additional verification of information is eliminated and also some other procedures of leaders to additional wastes is abolished. It should be noted that this platform can be adapted absolutely for any requirements that allows it to attract huge audience.

In this regard investment into Lynked.World can make you even more richly already in the nearest future today.

And in conclusion I want to tell

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