Welcome my dear subscribers. Today I will tell you about a very interesting project.Today I want to tell you about such a project as Maestro. Blockchain technology has undoubtedly changed the idea of the digital music industry. The bulk of blockchain-based music services focuses only on improving the quality of the broadcast and does not pay attention to the fundamental problems of this direction. The future of the music industry is evolving along with the blockchain, unlike its predecessors, so it is obliged to use this technology to improve innovative features that radically changes this direction.

First of all, Maestro will eradicate the problem that annoys the music industry, namely the unfair structure of the industry itself. Third parties, namely label and agents, take up to 80% of all profits, leaving the musicians hardly without support and struggle with financial difficulties. Music companies only exacerbate this inequality through inefficient bureaucracy. The team of this project believes that for the prosperity of both music and the industry as a whole, it is necessary to ensure the promotion of creative efforts from artists, as well as to guarantee fair payments. Therefore, they offer a blockchain-based music platform, which is a creative ecosystem based on mutual cooperation between creators and consumers. The right to distribute music belongs to third parties who use their position to manage all profits. Because of this situation, it is unprofitable not only for artists, but also for consumers who pay a lot of money to listen to this music. The goal of Maestro is to create a transparent industry based on a decentralized blockchain. This system will exclude third parties, which will allow consumers to use these resources for a better price.
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In this market, there are the following problems:

The difference in price. This difference is how much money the company will receive, which downloads music to its service and how much the artist will receive. For example, Apple Music generates about $ 3.9 billion in licenses, with 212 million users. On the other hand, if we look at other boot services like Youtube, they generate about 553 million dollars, with 900 million users, the difference is more than 4 times.
Unfair profit structure. Online services have changed the way people use music. If they used to pay money to download a song, now they can buy a monthly subscription and listen to it online. However, it affected negatively the singers, for the download they receive more money for their work, rather than monthly subscriptions.
Unprofitable price for consumers. Online services for listening to music have completely changed this industry. It has become much more convenient and attractive than paying for the download of each individual song, paying a monthly subscription you get access to a huge selection of songs, but it is too expensive for consumers and is unprofitable for artists, because they get too little money from it.
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Now let's talk about how the Maestro project will solve these projects.

• Capital. The first thing that the project will do is create a music ecosystem that will have its own online service for listening to music, with reasonable prices. Capital for the implementation of the goals will be collected through crowdfunding. This is a well-known method by which more than $ 16 billion is collected in the world.

  • Reasonable and innovative model for users. The method of this project will bring more benefits to consumers than others. Consumers will only pay for the number of songs that they listen to, but if they don't have any songs on their list, they won't pay anything. Also, consumers will have the opportunity to take part in the development of the project from their favorite artists, if it succeeds, they will receive a profit based on their investments.

Token information:

  • Maximum number of tokens-1 billion
    • The amount allocated to sale of 620 million
    • Price: 1 ETH=10000 MAE

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In conclusion, I will highlight the main points:

Global idea. I like the fact that this idea is global and relevant for the whole world.
The benefit of all. This project is interesting not only for artists, but also for consumers, because both will benefit from this project.
Payment on the fact. Now users will only have to pay for the amount of songs they listen to, if there is no song on their list, they will not have to pay anything.
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