I welcome you my dear friends.Today I want to tell you about a very promising project.Now there's a social media platform that doesn't need our data, we don't even need to write anything, just an alias or an alias, a city (which can be filled in at will), an email address and a password to log in. In addition, we can also download and install on our Android mobile phone, so we don't need to use a laptop or computer.

The name of this social media platform is ANONYM As the name suggests, we want to hide our personal identity so that we can travel freely on social media, and there are no more annoying advertisements.

Anonymous is a friendly atmosphere that you can enter without regular registration. Anonymous is an opportunity to join a closed community of more than a million interesting people around the world.

Why do we use ANONYM?

There are several reasons why we use ANONYM, namely:

Freedom of expression.
You have the right to think and Express your opinion no matter what.

Warm atmosphere.
The ability to release the most intimate secrets.

When using confidential information, registration is not required.

No ads. The number of advertisements will not be violated.

Global level. Currently, many active users of the Anonym network are from the USA, Germany and CIS countries.

Advanced interface. Blockchain technology, VR technology and the use of neural networks for communication.

Security. Storage and data access systems are closed during registration.

Income. Monetization system for active users of the network so that we can earn extra income using these social networks.

Good moderation. The system detects malicious content with the method of fixing the word "stop" without revealing the identity of the user.


Token holders have a 50% discount on all digital content from the anonymous system.
Tokens from the anonymous system are traded on the Cryptocurrency exchange.
The team intends to spend 30% of the net profit on the purchase of x2 markers at market value to maintain a stable level of market value.

You bought 1000 Apopup (abbreviation Anm) Anm size 1 = 0.8 $
Only: you purchased 1000 Anm value of $ 800
This system generates bonus invitations only for token holders with 1000 and more.
The utilization of an invitation token:
1 law = 100 tokens
Because of this:
1000 Anm will generate 10 invitations
1000 Anm = 10 invitations
1 law = from 20 $ to 50 $ at the internal exchange rate
10 invitations = from $ 200 to $ 500 per month (at the same time, the token does not disappear, but the invitation is generated once a month).



We sincerely want people to have a place where they can say that they are not afraid of public reaction, without shame because of the generally accepted structure.

There everyone will be able to find answers to all questions and, most importantly, to be again.

Anonymous-be yourself!

For a more detailed explanation, please visit the link below:

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Technical documentation:

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