I welcome you my dear friends.Today I want to tell you about a very promising project.At coinolix, together with our team, we are developing the first multi-functional cryptocurrency exchange ecosystem, combining a robust exchange platform and a decentralized blockchain Protocol in which digital tokens are tied to one us dollar and backed by a reserve of assets as gold by Coinolix Exchange Limited to provide a decentralized method of value exchange through our Fiat-linked Coinamia coin.
The net exchange of cryptocurrency Coinolix Exchange Limited.
In today's market, there are two types of exchanges: currency exchange on a currency basis and net exchange cryptocurrency. We will focus only on pure cryptocurrency exchange.
The solution to cryptocurrency pegged to the Fiat Coinamia Fiat Coin (USDC).
Peer-to-peer cryptocurrency based on consensus Agreement to provide network security. Each coin block USDC issued, supported in one to one ratio (i.e. one dollar is one dollar) on the relevant pool of assets held by the Bank coinolix Limited.

Trade structures should be developed from an early stage, with security, efficiency, speed and adaptability as a top priority. Numerous exchanges often choose the easiest way to handle running a framework. While this may function well to begin with, as the activity develops, the structure will not be ready to consider the expanded network load. This often deviates from the main promotion of the exchange, but it is essential to achieve the long-term goal.

Since crypto-business is so new, it doesn't quite approach liquidity. The presence of unjustified publishing implies high slippage when trading cryptocurrencies, which is extremely expensive for traders.

Platform security
Almost all cryptocurrency is unchanged, and there is no way to change it after the transaction is made due to the fact that this exchange refuses to take responsibility for the transaction. There are several exchanges that have declined due to hacking.

There are some advanced achievements that exchanges would have won in recognition of attempted burglary. However, these improvements are expensive to the point that exchanges are not able to access them, meaning they can be virtually any programmers like circumventing their security framework.

Poor customer support
Traders are a different breed when it comes to users. Understanding the problem with users is vital to successful sharing. In that moment, when the demonstration of the exchange in a manner that undermines the confidence of a trader, would be unacceptable, which will result in user complaints.

Language support
The cryptocurrency market has no boundaries. Most exchanges focus on only one dialect or one nation, and this leads to poor support for this international market.

Banking barriers
Banks further impede the limitless choice of trading exchanges due to the extremely unstable state of the cryptocurrency market. Banks put them in their back foot when it comes to checking and verifying users ' personal data.

Coinolix Exchange

The relevant engine Coinolix Exchange for management 1 200 000 orders per second. A large number of shopping queries can be resolved with the help of adaptable and scalable engine in a matter of minutes. Along these lines, our matched engine can anchor to one of the fastest and most reliable engines available in the current market. Thus, traders can be saved from major problems such as stuck trading requests or tedious handling of trades.

Peculiar properties:

Trading on the spot market
Margin trading
Futures trading
Language support
We will support English, Chinese, Russian, Japanese and Korean on all our user interfaces. (The most initial release will be in English and Russian only.)

Additional languages will be added over time.

24/7 customer Support:
Instead of providing the customer with a pre-designed scenario, we prefer to share the support and responsibilities that will be shared among our employees and the company so that a specific customer problem can be solved by a designated official on that particular issue.

Security DDoS protection: due to high traffic activity, cryptocurrency exchanges are regularly exposed to DDoS attacks. We use a secure distributed CDN (content delivery network) delivery server network that can successfully download a large number of database requests at any time to support online exchange services 24/7.

Stock audit: our target vulnerability research team will monitor the platform's execution time to prevent any conceivable attacks of defencelessness. We will also think about additional security efforts, as market allocations will evolve in the future.

Encryption and backup. We will use sophisticated encryption strategies and perform data reinforcement on a daily basis to ensure the security of all user data. This approach, combined with a decentralized database, will allow us to provide information to our client even in the direct result, the alleged hypothetical hacker attack.

Two-factor authentication: by applying two-factor authentication over a user name and password to protect users from phishing site and email vulnerability.

Road map:

31 March 2017
Technical and market research on Cryptocurrency exchange begins with a centralized and decentralized exchange of next-generation news.

30 September 2017
The cryptocurrency processing engine is complete and the review begins with a security audit and user interface development.

31 March 2018
Gather a highly skilled development team to share and finalize the lock technology for Fiat coins.
Market research and analysis to plan the initial coin offering. Modification

30 September 2018
Start of private sale August 8, 2018.
Start Airdrop and white listing and registration of KYC for the crowdsale.
Fiat coins in a block chain development and consensus-audit development.

31 December 2018
The preliminary ICo phase begins within two weeks on October 8, 2018, ending on November 7, 2018.
The beginning of the ICO crowdsale November 8, 2018, which ends on 13th December 2018

31 March 2019
Full version of exchange online
The announcement about the relationships with the third-party Trustee on a gold standard and auditing the liquidity reserve.
Wallet and information about the seller.
Official announcement of the sale of an online file sharing merchant

30 June 2019
Extension payment solutions and Gatways on all continents.
Extend the Exchange marketing and scalability of the Coinolix Exchange trading engine.
Beta version of decentralized online sharing for testing.

31 December 2019
Full version of decentralized exchange

Detailed information:

Web site:
Technical document:


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