Welcome my dear readers. How diverse our world is developing rapidly.Technology has stepped forward, and the previously unknown blockchain becomes an ordinary thing for us. Today, having gathered and analyzed a number of sites, I have prepared for you the next reviews. You read, read, and take La solution. First up today my review is about a young but rapidly growing project and this project called CURAIZON . This project is a medical subject.The project CURAIZON daily gather completely anonymous data about how and when patients are taking medications.

CuraTokens tokens are the only way to access databases. These tokens can be used to access data that will advance medical research to reduce health care costs and save millions of lives.

The value of the token CuraToken based on real solution to real global problems.CURAIZON is the only company that offers a complete health care ecosystem. It supports patients by monitoring their compliance with the doctor's prescriptions. Ecosystem CURAIZON includes: CuraServe, CuraData and CuraView. The project contributes to the reduction of health care costs and the development of medical research.
Communicates with patients, using unobtrusive reminders.
It allows family members to receive information about the patient's medication intake as well as receive information about his condition. Maintains real-time communication with health care providers and reports patient behavior information.

Integration and exchange of information with health systems.
Ensures the relevance of all patient data.
Provides real-time feedback to the patient's electronic medical record.

Collects unique and valuable data into a database.
Contains only demographic data and patient adherence data. Patient IDs stored by the health service.
Available through CuraToken.
CuraToken allows CTKN token holders to access anonymous medical data on the blockchain.

CuraTokens is the only way to access Curaizon technology.

The owners CuraToken unable to access to the data using powerful Analytics, AI and a large database in the fight against failure to comply with the doctor's instructions on taking medicines.

CuraTokens provides real-time analysis of patient behavior and adherence.

CuraTokens allows the use of blockchain technology to manage authentication, privacy and accountability, allowing people to control their data, ensuring security, safety and compliance with all upcoming, necessary rules, including GDPR.

CuraTokens promotes partnerships with medical and pharmaceutical organizations through the token reward system.

The owners CuraToken know that they are saving the lives of people around the world, helping to solve the problem of non-compliance with the regimen of medicines.

CuraServe technology helps patients to take medication according to doctor's prescriptions. By doing this, CURAIZON helps patients live longer and healthier. CURAIZON also cuts health care costs that occur when patients do not take their medicines properly.

CuraServe technology generates a huge amount of unique data in real time, showing how people take their medicines. This information is very valuable for different groups such as pharmaceutical companies, medical researchers and biotechnology companies. CuraTokens provide owners with a token access data to query. As the CURAIZON platform works for a long time, THEIR database is updated with information that is further used for its intended purpose. The more data is collected in the database, the higher the price of CuraTokens tokens.Token review
How does it work?
Here, let's look at a few examples for different participants in the ecosystem. So it will be easier and clearer.


John found out he had diabetes. He goes to the doctor, where he is prescribed insulin on a regular basis, strictly on schedule. it is connected to the system Сuraserve. From this time he begins to receive notifications that he needs to take medication.

Plus, he can add his friends or relatives, who will be insurance in case he does not drink the medicine on time.

Every time he will take his medication on time, Curaizon will charge coins to charity, motivating John to take them on time (if his own health is not enough motivation of course).


This is a conditional "doctor", that is, any medical institution where John is registered.They get real-time data on how John takes his medication. That is, before the situation becomes critical, they can intervene and help.

Plus, it's a huge experience that can be used to improve assignments, etc.


This is also a conventional name. Here, pharmaceutical companies, laboratories and research centers, etc. They base their research on Real-Time Data, and this is a huge plus. Access to the real database Curaizon much cheaper than conduct their own research.

Plus, there is really BigData and Machine Learning, which allows you to make much more accurate conclusions on certain groups of drugs or patients.
CuraToken (CTKN), it is a token of the EIP standard‐20 on Ethereum, which can be used to access data on medical adherence through the platform CuraData.

And now I would like to introduce you to the ICo of the project
CuraToken Pre - Sale: 1 June 2018 - 8 June 2018
CuraToken Public Sale: 8 June 2018 – 8 September 2018

Softcap : 1,000,000 USD
Hardcap : 25,000,000 USD
Coins for Sale: 250,000,000
Coin Price : 0.2 USD
To sum up, I would like to stress that the project is a social one.And given that people are sensitive to medicine, the project will be very promising and it is no secret that medicine is developing rapidly. And this project will allow, Blee rapid development.The team of the project consists of professionals from different areas . I will closely monitor the project and participate in the ICO myself.
More information can be found on the links:
Bitcointalk ANN thread


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