parable story about mushroom shoots that struggle for life

One time a man sitting in a shelter under a tree saw fungus shoots struggling from the cracks of tree roots. Seen from him from the ground there is a small hole and a bud of fungus trying to get out of it. It's been long enough that the fungus shoots struggle to get out through small holes with the tip of soft shoots that are more than small holes in the root cracks of the wood. Feeling sorry for the young man then ignoring the knife he was carrying and making a bigger hole. The young man thought of mushroom shoots and then quickly came out. But what the young man saw, the stalk of mushrooms seemed weak, and the leaves were constricted or not swollen. For a long time, he also noticed that the fungus he helped out of the hole, he hoped the fungus would stretch its beautiful leaves and bloom in color and beauty. but what happened? apparently not, the mushroom can only bloom the next day or two days, it cannot be forced. Now, behind the good intentions, and the generosity of this young man, all he did not know was a narrow hole in the ground, which made fungi need a difficult struggle, and a long time to get out of the hole, was the way God designed fluids in the roots and stems of mushrooms which flows into the leaves, when the fungus tries to come out, so that the leaves can expand and immediately bloom after coming out of the hole Then, learning from mushroom buds, difficulties, problems, obstacles, havoc in life really brings wisdom to us. All become tests, challenges, and life lessons for humans, so that people become stronger and wiser. Hard effort, struggle is part of the life we ​​need. If God always gives us life that is easy and without obstacles, we will also become weak and paralyzed. Be patient in trying hard will bring super strength with extraordinary results.

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