Create White Paper. How to write a good document for TSE.


The TSE-Token Sale Event theme attracts millions of users around the world, attracting the attention of not only crypto enthusiasts, but also absolutely ordinary users, who yesterday did not suspect about the existence of crypto-assets.The design rules for entering the TSE-Token Sale Event are strictly dictated by market conditions, and one of the basic requirements is White Paper.

What is «White Paper»?«White Paper» — one of the most effective tool for any TSE-Token Sale Event based company to be armed. This is a kind of business card, where a startup should be in the best possible light present its strengths, dignity and differences with respect to its competitors. In addition, talk about existing functions, if any, and necessarily about development plans. The main thing that should be stated in the "White Paper" is the importance of blockchain technology within the project and the solution of the existing problems of online.

What should White Paper of your company look like? "White Paper" should contain from 5 to ± 30 perfectly designed pages. From our own experience, we can say that on thirty pages, personally, we managed to state only half of the information about our company, since it would be not good to keep silent about this or that functional, ready for and applied in practice. Naturally, the areas of activity and the front of the work performed by start-ups are significantly different, because your Paper can reach a mark of only twenty pages, or not even fit into sixty.Coping with writing White Paper alone is unreal! It really is not as easy as it seems at first glance, and how to tell on YouTube channels. 

At work can take a 2-3 month. And if you heard from someone about a few days, well, a maximum of a week - do not believe it! Do you hear? Do not believe people, they are deceiving you! Or they say the truth, but it's clearly about some not a good White Paper. Do you want to know how this really happens? You write, then delete, write again and erase again. Change the text in places, edit, move paragraphs from section to section. Draw a table, and later replace it with a chart ... Oh, my God! Moments it seems that the process can not see either the end or the edge. Fears are dispelled when you see a plan, sketches, a rough draft, and not just an empty google docs with an inscription in the center of the page "White Paper NYiGDE?".

Structure White Paper. The work on White Paper requires an absolute disabling of the brain from everyday tasks. You need to get so deeply immersed in the process that you get the chance to fall asleep and wake up with a package of terms: "blockchain", "cryptoactive", "fiates", "tokens", "TSE", "safe deal", "bounty" ... list and really long.In all paragraphs of the document, try to specify the very thing that will certainly interest your audience. Pay special attention to the first and last pages.Dictate specific rules, indicate what information about the company should be the first section, and that the fifth - no, it would be wrong. You have the right to decide on your own what to tell first, and what you can say about the project a little later.

White Paper of your company should contain in short:

The history of the company: how the idea was born, why they chose this direction.

The essence of the project: what is its peculiarity, what is it in application, at what stage of development is it, what is good and how it will help people. Be sure to provide realistic forecasts and a development plan.

Problematics and its solution. We will repeat a little, but this is really an important part of the document. Uncover the essence of the problem that you are trying to solve with the help of the project. Analyze the severity, find out for whom the decision is important and whether users are willing to pay for your method of elimination.

Competition. Demonstrate strengths, competitive advantages, explain to people why you need to choose your company, what it is better than others (tools, functions, capabilities, achievements, experience).

Market: show the demand for your product, carry out research, back up the figures with reliable sources.

Project economics. Very important part personally for our platform. Why and why? We created the NYIGDE token as the main tool for all internal payments for bonuses, rewords and payments for services in the NYiGDE? ecosystem. Our token is the economy of the project, which provides interaction between platform users and a system for calculating bonuses, discounts, incentives. As you know, this point will not be missed in any way.

The project team. It is not necessary to list all 40 people working in the company. Tell us about twenty, but the key players who are at the head, perform the bulk of the work. Indicate their experience, achievements, responsibilities within the company. Perhaps, someone previously participated in the TSE and is an avid crypto-enthusiast. Be sure to include advisers well-known companies supporting you (if any).

The financial part. In this section you need to specify: the maximum amount (necessarily justified) of raising funds; what % will go to marketing, project development, increase in staff; initial price of the token; what happens to unsold tokens after TSE; bonus incentives for the number of tokens purchased; token conversion; obligations to holders of tokens.

Distribution of the tokens: how many % will go to the Bounty program, how many % will remain with the company, how many % is reserved for the team and the number available on the TSE.

Legal part of the project. Indicate your jurisdiction, liability for infringement of the company's rights and rules, limitation of liability of the company, be sure to list the entities that are prohibited from participating in the TSE.Try to provide as many legal aspects as possible so that later your business does not turn into an economic crime. Spend some money and use the services of competent people. All that you are talking about in White Paper must be confirmed by reliable sources, backed up by links and written in understandable language. 

Your task is to present the company for different categories of business, regardless of the status of the user.You've probably seen the video block in YouTube, and a lot of information about the rules of writing White paper. Each resource rules in its own way, and establish the next rules, thereby becoming one of the millions, not in our style. Your task is to create the ideal content-face of the company, in which we tried to help you.

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