Why NYiGDE? Token.

Buying the NYIGDE utility token as a favorable choice, the user automatically receives many advantages for purchasing services, products and services of the platform NYiGDE?. Token NYIGDE does not depend on the activities of various social institutions: banking, or the judiciary. Proceeding from this, a private entrepreneur does not need to officially register his activities, saving time and money for bureaucratic procedures, and the buyer — to spend on additional transaction costs (some countries have limitations and restrictions). We hasten to inform you that the issue of NYIGDE token is limited!

Limited token emission NYiGDE?.

The NYIGDE token was released in limited quantities — 100 000 000. The only one and final emission of all tokens were made. Additional release of NYIGDE token is not possible anymore!All platform users have the opportunity to buy NYIGDE tokens on the WAVES DEX exchange. At the initial price, the tokens are sold exclusively during the Token Sale Event (TSE)! A bonus program of up to 50% (+15% Pre-Sale) is available only during the Token Sale Event (TSE).On our platform NYIGDE tokens are used for loyalty and bonus programs, as well as for the purchase / sale of goods / services including all platform services. 

This will ensure a large demand, will strengthen the stability and value of the token, since the tokens themselves will be constantly involved in the utilitarian usage on the platform.Proceeding from this event, active platform users will buy the majority of NYIGDE tokens on the TSE (Token Sale Event), only this event offers a huge advantage (up to 50%,+15% Pre-Sale) of the token bonus program, which gives all users an advantage to use the token on the platform in the future.

  • NYIGDE tokens are offered for utilitarian use solely as a payment for services and maintenance on the platform.
  • NYIGDE tokens can be used as alternative option for users with advanced features on the NYiGDE? platform.
  • NYIGDE tokens can be used for internal for loyalty and bonus calculations in the NYiGDE? ecosystem, it allows system to calculate all types of bonuses (referral and rewards) for any active users on the platform.

The growing demand for a token NYIGDE.


For all services, bonuses, incentives and loyalty programs on our platform, the main operating mechanism is NYIGDE tokens. Continuous circulation of tokens in the platform ecosystem and constant multiplication of the number of users increase the need for tokens themselves. The limited number of available tokens in our ecosystem is 100 million.There is no commission on the platform for making transactions by using NYIGDE tokens. Token NYIGDE is the mainly utilitarian “fuel” in the field of e-commerce for sellers, buyers and other users in our platform.Bonus program.For the use of NYIGDE tokens and activity on the platform, users are granted a large useful number of rewards:

  • Bonuses for the use of a “Safe Deal”.
  • No commission when using NYIGDE tokens.
  • Bonuses for activity on the platform.
  • Bonuses for the use of a “Safe Deal”.
  • No commission when using NYIGDE tokens.

Services and promotion services for tokens NYIGDE.

Platform NYiGDE? 4 kinds of service of promotion of Internet shops (Standard (Free), Econom, Business, VIP) were developed on the global market (more about the promotion services in cl. 5.1.1).The purchase of promotion services for NYIGDE tokens is always 30% cheaper than the calculations of other crypto assets and fiat funds, which contributes to the development of the platform’s ecosystem and the increased demand for the token.

Secure integration with a secure exchange WAVES DEX.

We created our NYIGDE token on one of the safest platforms — WAVES DEX. The existing team developed a global platform for NYiGDE? for e-commerce, while enjoying many years of experience in the field of IT, which makes it possible to freely integrate with the WAVES DEX platform. WAVES is an absolutely open, decentralized, transparent and tested blockchain-platform that is designed for ease of use with better protection. The WAVES application was successfully tested in Kudelski Security. The purpose of the audit was to identify any deficiencies in the security system on the WAVES platform.Audit Kudelski Security showed that there were no critical problems in the security system. 

Thus, all came to a single conclusion: the WAVES platform demonstrates excellent security techniques, a good choice of cryptographic components with reliable implementations, has a clear design and excellent code, which facilitates the audit.Blockchain technology is the future of financial policy, because it allows you to purchase NYiGDE tokens at the lowest possible prices, accumulate bonuses and exchange the Crypto-currency at the exchange.Dear users, we invite you to participate actively in the global TSE program!

We remind you that TSE (Token Sale Event) is the only opportunity that allows the holders of the token to receive a unique bonus reward. Make a confident step towards successful network transactions and join the global platform of NYiGDE, which has become a revolutionary solution in the field of e-commerce on a worldwide scale.Create your own online stores and get many customers on the decentralized marketplace “NYiGDE”! Our team made the world of e-commerce accessible to everyone!

Join us:

Token Sale Event (TSE) : https://token.nyigde.com

Marketplaces: https://nyigde.com

White paper RU: http://bit.ly/2wk4xHb

White paper EN: http://bit.ly/2KIMFZl

Telegram Chat RU: https://t.me/nyigdechatru

Telegram Chat EN: https://t.me/nyigdechaten

Twitter: https://twitter.com/NyiGde

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nyigdeRU

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