Sprint #10 Backlog

Another Giant development sprint (22 October - 4 November 2018) has  already started by the time this material is published, and telling our  users what we are going to do for the next two weeks has become a  long-standing tradition. In the modern world of cryptocurrency,  transparency of the development teams has become a real issue, and it is  natural for us to tell as much about our work as we can. 

Technologies Development

Giant.Exchange is going to be a primary focus of this sprint - we  know that the community wants this more than anything else. This first  decentralized application will demonstrate the real capabilities of the  Giant blockchain. 

As you may know from the results of the previous sprint, we have  finished our work on the binary options underlying asset graph to make  it compliant with the latest standards of binary options trading. Now  the Giant developers will switch to the remaining elements of the  Trading Page. One of them, for example, is the list of available binary  option contracts which are called Brokers - because at the end of the  day, binary options will be created by Brokers. All of them will be  independent from the Giant team. Also, we are going to finish several  other interface elements such as various pop-up windows. Messages on  them will appear on our Discord

The Giant.Exchange website is also a serious objective of the Giant  team this sprint: the landing page of Giant.Exchange must greet  newcomers with useful guidance and links to other crucial pages of the  platform. 

As for the Giant blockchain, our another global task is to add the  support of Giant smart contracts technology. This measure will not  necessarily be implemented this sprint, but the work on Giant smart  contracts never stops and each new Friday we found ourselves with less  code strings needing to be written or fixed. Moreover, the quick team  expansion with the new developers will allow to dramatically accelerate  the pace of this process. In particular, the priority task for the  JavaScript professional we are searching for will be the release of the smart contract GiantJS sandbox. Each and every Giant decentralized  application will be based on this upcoming smart contracts system. 

You are one of the most loyal and patient communities on the market.  We appreciate all the trust you’ve put into us and we don’t want to let  you down. This is why all the technologies we are developing are  double-checked before the actual release as it happened with the  Giant.Exchange graph. 

Social Media & Information Materials

The Giant project team deanonymization is underway! You will see who  we are either at the end of this sprint or at the beginning of the next  one. This is going to further increase the Giant transparency and solve  its biggest flaw. 

All of the achievements of the previous two sprints are going to have  a logical continuation: in-sprint announcements about the aspects of  our work (Giant Inside) and our thoughts and views on the current crypto market situation (Giant Insight). 

The self-governance mechanism of Giant will soon see an important  decision - and what exactly we are going to do depends on you. Changes  will be made only after a wide public discussion. Your feedback matters  to us, and we will continue to gather your thoughts on all issues  related to Giant through different surveys. 

Giant would like to announce several videos addressing the aspect of  the work of Giant.Exchange. Those of you who saw the video regarding the  Giant blockchain should expect something similar. However, we have  unanimously decided to leave the practice of voiced narration behind. 

If you or your friends want to see Giant materials and/or the  Giant BitcoinTalk forum thread on a new language to disseminate the  info on the cryptocurrency, blockchain and the related decentralized  applications, please contact Giant administrators and we’ll discuss the  details.

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