One of the greatest creations in the history of business and marketing has been the revolutionary and highly effective Multi-Level Marketing campaigns. This pervasive marketing tools has not only turn the fortunes of companies around but also transformed the lives of millions of people around the world for the better, as it allowed them the privilege of earning incomes they could only dream of previously.

MLM campaigns have had their fair share of troubles and challenges around the world, as it has been far from a smooth sail. Some regions around the world are very much less favorable to the industry, as MLM has been tagged a Ponzi scheme by those that do not understand the wisdom behind it. But this nonetheless has caused little in damage, as the people that know and have benefited from the generosity of MLM campaigns have remained unfazed by any negative attacks. So what does the future hold for MLM, and how will it look like in the future?

MLM schemes are a force for good both socially and economically to everyone. And as universally beneficial projects, it is important to have a technology that will guarantee its survival beyond the sphere of control of those that seek to dismantle it. The blockchain technology as of now remains the one innovation that looks like a glove-fit to solve this problem, and its adoption by the legendary MAVRO platform sets the tone for the future of the industry. The adoption of the blockchain technology will shape the MLM industry in the following ways:

A Truly Global Reach: In previous times, MLM campaigns run by companies around the world had to be compartmentalized according to the needs of the particular region, or at least according to what certain rules in those regions allow. Companies with global outlooks that wish to roll out MLM campaigns to their equally global customer base with leveraging on the blockchain technology will now have the perfect tool to do run their campaigns without regional discriminations.

Unstoppable Campaigns: The most attractive attribute of the blockchain technology which MLM companies will find absolutely attractive is the fact that once set in motion, it cannot be stopped by any single entity on earth, not even its initiators. MLM campaigns need such security to operate around the world, and the blockchain technology, with no single point of failure, is the perfect tool to provide such impregnable security.
Impeccable Accountability: The blockchain is an incorruptible open ledger technology that has proven beyond the sabotage of its detractors and it will empower MLM campaigns to deliver their promises. With every transaction recorded on a ledger that cannot be corrupted, MLM campaigns will come to earn and command the respect of even governments that have been previously harsh with regulations against it.

MLM campaigns despite their challenges have endured and with the blockchain technology making its debut in the industry with the MAVRO platform, the next 5 years look all the more exciting as people (wherever they might be from around the world) now have equal chances and equal opportunities of making it big, now more than ever.

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MAVRO is the flagship of the first decentralized and absolutely transparent platform for Multi-Level Marketing structures based on Blockchain Ethereum

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