MAVRO Crypto Basics


There is a revolution going on in the crypto community that is beneficial to us in the real world. Thanks to the blockchain technology for making cryptocurrency what it is today. So many crypto platforms have been birthed, and one of the ones whose name is not a new one to over 110 countries around the world is MAVRO.

The MAVRO crypto intends to be the first transparent and decentralized multi-level marketing system built on the Ethereum blockchain technology and to accomplish this feat, there will be a token called MAVRO (MVR) that will be used for exchange on the platform and also for the creation of an application platform that is decentralized.

MAVRO aims at enhancing the user’s experience while using the multi-level marketing system for business. The peer-to-peer platform created to deal with all the problems being experienced by the multi-level marketing industry.

Here are some benefits the MAVRO platform is bringing to multi-level marketing systems

• Flexibility
One feature of a decentralized monetary system that makes it usable is its ability to distribute opportunities and the management of activities to users who want to be part of the system or network.
• Security
For verification of transactions, a special type of high-grade encryption will be employed, and this is due to the highest level of security the network has, all thanks to its potent algorithm.
• Network Obscurity
It is not possible to trace transactions that will happen on the MAVRO platform. The blockchain technology allows users make private and secure transactions on the public ledger. The ledger allows transparency within the multi-level marketing system, thereby giving users the ability to transact securely and transparently.
• Investors do not get Constraints
Investors do not have to pay unnecessary transaction fees, and there is no third party to interfere with the transactions. This is as a result of the decentralized nature of using the blockchain technology.
• Regulatory and Impact Constraints
There are no regulatory bodies in charge of monitoring assets, or supplying policies. No third parties to meddle in the affairs of the users.
• Remittance
MAVRO through its decentralized system and existing wide coverage around the world can be an effective means of transferring value between people especially those that want to send back money to their loved ones back home. MAVRO could be the platform to crash the party of the likes of Western Union and MoneyGram

Summary of the ICO details

Soft cap- 10,000 ETH
Hard cap- 100,000 ETH
Token standard- ERC23
Token name- MAVRO (MVR)
Total amount of tokens- 625 000 000
Initial token price- 1 ETH equals 4700 MVR
ICO Start date- 15th of March, 2018 (12:00 PM London Time… UTC+1)
ICO End date- 15th of April, 2018 (12:00 PM London Time… UTC+1)
Total tokens- 475,000,000 MVR tokens
Currency accepted- ETH, BTC, BCC, DASH, LTC
Amount of tokens per 1 person- 470.000 MVR
Min. transaction amount- 0.01 ETH
Max. transaction amount- ≈ 100 ETH

The MAVRO crypto promises seamless transactions: Stable connections, Fast transactions, Instant access, and Decentralized gateway. MAVRO’s move to eliminate the issue facing the multi-level marketing industry is a welcome development and will attract a lot of investors and businesses, also, there is no bother about security, as all transactions will be personal and safe, thanks to the decentralized nature of the Ethereum blockchain technology. This is one crypto platform to revolutionize multi-level marketing.

В избранное
MAVRO is the flagship of the first decentralized and absolutely transparent platform for Multi-Level Marketing structures based on Blockchain Ethereum

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