The Referral System (MAVRO)

In Multi-Level Marketing, a referral system is a method of publicizing service to prospective customers and in most cases, getting remuneration for each new customer successfully referred.


MAVRO referral is a system that has created to assist Multi-level Marketing network customers to make effective sales, make quick transactions without unnecessary hindrances and commissions. MAVRO is a decentralized program that deals squarely with the problem of MLM’s centralization (Centralization is where one entity is in charge and controls the entire system). MAVRO’s decentralized system completely eradicates the human factor, hence, members get treated equally. There is transparency in the income scheme and all monetary deals are dealt with and permanent storage of data on the system. There is anonymity for users doing transactions, and this is made possible because the MAVRO system is created using the blockchain technology.

The MAVRO system makes the creation of a Multi-Level Marketing tree easy and convenient, the system allows for new users to either create their own individual Multi-level Marketing network or join existing ones. Referral abatement (this simply means remuneration of a participant for each newcomer they bring), transactions and other financial processes are always available anytime it is needed. Another important factor to note is that the interface is user-friendly, users who are new to the crypto world can understand and use the system effectively.
The moment registration is done, the system integrated wallet becomes available to the user. There is a set monetization solution for each MAVRO user, and they include:

• Ease of Deductions: Users enjoy convenience and ease when obtaining their referral deductions.
• Marketing Tree Creation: The opportunity is available for users to build their own individual marketing trees.
• Advertisements: Products sold get advertised on different platforms.
• Withdrawal Convenience: Users can store and withdraw funds without experiencing setbacks.

The MAVRO system is designed such that a user gets remuneration for every user that registers on the system through his/her referral link, and subsequently, the new users get remunerated when other users join the system through their referrals, so the chain continues and the system is always in a state of growth and expansion.

The modus operandi of MAVRO has the users operating a digital cash system that makes use of digital resources, this further improves the system by a network synergy and operational cost is minimal.
The MAVRO system will thrive because the decentralization and distributed network hamper the government's ability to over-regulate it, also, bad actors will not have access because of its transparent nature as a result of having the system rooted in the blockchain technology. There is also the improvement in accounting because calculated payments are automated. MAVRO Tokens can be used when there is a need to make payments.
The MAVRO system has options for free promotions for its users, these promotions include reposts and search, recommendations, search randomly, general tape.

With the MAVRO Referral system which has over 50 million members, the average member should be able to rake in about $ 10,000 annually, and the very active users, up to $80,000 annually.

В избранное
MAVRO is the flagship of the first decentralized and absolutely transparent platform for Multi-Level Marketing structures based on Blockchain Ethereum

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