Transparent Referral System on Smart Contracts


A referral system in multi-level marketing refers to a method of making public a service or product to intending customers and getting remunerated for every new customer referred and added to the system.
MAVRO’s Transparent Referral System
The MAVRO referral system was created to help customers on the multi-level marketing network make quick and transparent transactions without unnecessary commissions and also without the availability of a third-party. MAVRO was created as a decentralized program to deal with the issues caused by the usual multi-level marketing’s being controlled by one entity (centralized system). Thanks to the use of Smart Contracts, this has enabled transparency in every transaction and transparency in how data is stored on the system. Users also get to enjoy anonymity.
There is hope for the MAVRO system to grow strong, and this is due to the fact that its distribution network and decentralized nature will prevent the government’s attempt at regulating or over-regulating it. Also, its transparent nature will prevent bad actors from gaining access to users’ data.
The creation of a multi-level marketing tree on the MAVRO system is really convenient and easy, and this is because new users on the system can either join existing multi-level marketing networks or create their own. Remuneration of participants for each successfully referred newcomer and every other transaction can be accessed whenever they are needed. Also, the user interface is intuitive and user-friendly, even users who are new in the crypto community can effectively use the system.
The MAVRO referral system is created in such a way that a user gets remunerated each time a new user registers on the platform via the referral link of the old user, also, the new user gets the same treatment as the old user each time other users join using their referral links, and the continues, thereby leading to the expansion and growth of the system.
After going through the processes of registration, the wallet embedded in the system becomes activated and available for use by the user. Each MAVRO user gets a set of monetization solutions, and they are:
• Advertisements
When a user sells products, the products sold gets put up on different platforms as adverts.
• Ease of Deductions
Users on the MAVRO platform can get their referral deductions conveniently and without hassles, and they enjoy transparency too.
• Withdrawal Convenience
Saving and withdrawal of funds by users can be done without experiencing any form of setbacks and without interference from third parties, as there are no third-parties because the system is decentralized.
• Marketing Tree Creation
Users on the system have the opportunity to create their own marketing trees.
MAVRO’s move to integrate the blockchain and Smart Contracts into the multi-level marketing system is a smart move, to implement transparency and decentralization which will make it impossible for financial agencies, banks, and the government from being able to interfere with their restrictive regulatory policies and exorbitant fees.

В избранное
MAVRO is the flagship of the first decentralized and absolutely transparent platform for Multi-Level Marketing structures based on Blockchain Ethereum

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