During the use of the Internet, a person may not know that this information is valuable to someone. And of course, he does not suspect that it can be secretly collected and resold. Opiria Pdata, which appeared in China in 2015, put forward the idea of correcting this state of affairs. Now this information will be sold legally from the user to a certain enterprise or business site thanks to the blockbuster. Access to the data will be in accordance with the international privacy policy.

The developers have created several modules - plug-ins, adapted for the browser, as well as applications for PC and smartphone. The information allowed by the owner for sale will be in the project database.

The company that produces phones of the new brand, for example, is registered in the web version of the project. Then she pays the usual price for the service, finances are converted into tokens, and she gets the cost of the information of the right group of users. As an option - create a paid survey, filling in which participants will earn PDATA. Over time, the price of the token will increase.

Users of the World Wide Web themselves determine what information they want to share. Thanks to the plug-ins created, the process will proceed as easily as possible. From the laptop through the camera, eye movement will be tracked, and the phone will be able to recognize and interpret several kinds of emotions. In addition, in the diary they will be able to write reviews about the film / cafe / product and attach a photo. There is one more "trick": if the participant does not withdraw it after reaching the amount for withdrawal, he gets even more attractive offers for participation. This contributes to the accumulation of good passive capital.

Before the platform there are 2 main tasks: attracting a large audience from all over the world and technical development. By the beginning of this year, the project has already connected 50 key partners and launched the platform functionality. In the middle of 2018 there is a public sale of coins. The pre-sale ends on June 15th. The next day, the basic ICO will begin and will last until July 14 at a price of 0.1USD per 1 token.

Until the end of 2019, it is planned to introduce modules of various types, serving browser plug-ins and the system for recognizing emotions, as well as creating a personal office interface. It is also necessary to integrate the decentralized Ethereum blockchain into the project. Developers plan to make it universal for connection to any blockchain, if there is such a need. The product will be ready in the 1st quarter of 2019. This will be preceded by an active marketing campaign to attract participants.

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