Mixin Network the new messenger for the exchange of cryptocurrencies

Hello dear friends, I want to tell you in today's review of a very cool project called Mixin Network. The Mixin project has already entered the top 100 on the ratings of the CoinMarketCap site and does not cease to amaze its investors. 

Mixin Network is a new generation messenger built on blockchain technology and created on the basis of BTF-DAG network that will allow its users to transfer or receive any cryptocurrency through end-to-end encryption. Thanks to the decentralized community, Mixin was able to create the easiest and safest way to exchange cryptocurrencies, which in the future will allow more and more new users to join the world of blockchain technologies. Mixin does not yet support smart contract technology, but its analog will be created in the near future. 

Mixin apps are now available on Android and iOS, and you can easily download the apps to your mobile device. Now, to make a transaction, you will only need to download Mixin applications to your mobile device and enter your phone number to authorize, after which you can easily make cryptocurrency exchanges, thanks to the Mixin messenger, these processes have become even easier. 

The main advantages of this platform
  • High transaction speed

It's no secret that the popularity of the cryptocurrency world is growing every day, and the number of transfers, respectively, too. But thanks to projects such as Mixin in the future, we can no longer worry that our transactions will spend a lot of time, surprisingly all the transactions of the messenger occur in a few seconds, which can not be surprising.   

  • High protection 

In order to confirm the login to your account, you will need to enter the PIN code you set during registration, as I said earlier, the goal of the project is to create an accessible but at the same time secure network. Thanks to encrypted and secure messaging systems, the system has become much safer and more reliable, users will be 100% sure that the information sent to them will not fall into the wrong hands. The main goal of Mixsin is to provide all users of this messenger with an honest and secure platform built on a decentralized network in order to process fast transactions within a few seconds.  

  • High scalability 

Mixin is already working with 12 major blockchains such as  BTC, EOS, ETH, BCH , and so on. You will also be able to exchange more than 49000 different cryptocurrencies such as  DOGE, XRP, DASH, XEM,  ZEC, LTC and so on. Also, due to its high scalability, users get easy access to popular services and DApps in the crypto-currency world, which is quite important. The platform will work on an open API Protocol, which will provide much more prospects in the future for long-term development, as well as significantly increase the interest of new users, and as we have long known that the world of cryptocurrency is in great need of a new audience, simplifying and securing the transfer of funds, we will be able to achieve this much faster. 

  • Conclusion 

In my opinion, the project is very promising, I can say with confidence that the project will be a good success, in the first I see this idea, and so I recommend you to get acquainted with this project better. I have been following many projects, both new and old, and many of these projects promote the idea of their own development, but the Mixin project will allow the development of not only their technologies but also will have a positive impact on the whole world of cryptocurrency as a whole.  

Thank you for your attention follow the project and see you soon.

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This publication is for informational purposes only. The article should not be considered as an investment recommendation or advice. Readers of this review article should make decisions based on their own judgments, taking into account the financial circumstances, the purpose of investment and the risk limit before investing. 
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