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Welcome my dear friends . I have prepared for you an overview of the project.MetaHash next-generation network based on Blockchain technology 2.0 which allows you to make sharing digital assets, along with this the platform can be used to create and manage decentralized applications and services in real-time. The key difference between decentralized and open source projects is that they are created according to the needs of the users in this area, for the maximum benefit of a limited group of stakeholders (to the detriment of the market and users). The creators of the project believe in the future of cryptocurrencies. But today, cryptocurrencies are far from ideal. MetaHash aims to bring all the features of the Blockchain of the future to life in a single project.
MetaHash project team is constantly growing and developing, it is replenished only by specialists in various fields of technology, international marketing, business and many others. The Advisory Board of the MetaHash project includes well-known professionals from the cryptography and it industry: Brock pierce, Scott Walker, Liu Jubo-and these are just some of them. Especially for the creation of this project, three ideologists have joined forces and specialists of their companies. And also attracted experts from various fields of international marketing, PR and Business Development.
The MetaHash network consists of four parts, which I will try to tell you about in more detail:
TraceChain is the fastest and most secure Blockchain technology. More than five billion transactions per day, no more than three seconds to verify the transaction. Excluding speed problems, this technology is based on an automatic self-learning algorithm, which is used to route signals over the network. Having an initial bandwidth of 100-megabit channel, it grows by adding more nodes with higher bandwidth and increasing the reliability of additional DataChains that contribute to running applications.
MetaApps is a modern technology of smart contracts, which are regulated as usual web services with the help of decentralized applications in real time.Any developer can turn their application written in any programming language into a MetaApp application.

The image of the program and the operating system is downloaded to the network and automatically launched on many machines in the network.
You can create in any programming language including C++, PHP, Solidity and others. And under any OS. Fully support the functionality of Smart Contracts. MetaApps can work with any Blockchain and just data from the Internet.
MetaGate-works as a decentralized directory of applications on the Internet, as well as a multi-purpose wallet that uses an open source interface and a TraceChain Protocol that allows you to work with MetaApps. Third-party developers have the ability to use the MetaGate code to embed the MetaApps and TraceChain / blockchain features into various applications and browsers. With the public debut of the TraceChain Protocol and the MetaGate browser, cryptographic experts expect MetaHash to hinder a large-scale battle for widespread adoption. Despite all the technical complexity, MetaGate is much easier for the user than usual cryptocurrencies. All the necessary security aspects work in the background, leaving the user a concise and clear interface.
MetaHashCoin (MHC) is a token that regulates self - financing and network development, and it is also used as a digital asset, a means of payment on the platform. Digital assets in the form of tokens in the network MetaHash can be exchanged and also converted to tokens of other networks, including Bitcoin and Ethereum, with this network the exchange agent of the project, MetaHashCoin used to ensure the reliability of the network, exchange of services and regulation of its self-financing and development, as well as for applications that need to store data, but lacks the speed and volume of data in the normal Blockchain systems, public address, listing MetaApps, advertising in MetaGate and others.

92.000.000 MHC will be issued for 10 years.
1% of the final amount is 920.000 MHC.
3% of MHC is shared between the founders MetaHash;
At the same price as Private Round. The Founders undertake not to sell them until January 1, 2020.
2% MHC is reserved in the Private Round process;
MetaHash is required to inform all participants of the Private Round about their rights and conditions of participation. Private Round need for verification of ideas among the experts, transoms team, launch PR campaigns and the engagement of consultants (advisors) of the project.
10% MHC are distributed in the ICO Round-A.
This stage is used for marketing the project and financing the project's entry to ICO Round B and the exchange.
Planned start date of ICO Round A: April 2018 the Dates of the ICO Round-A can be changed within 3 months. The value of 0.0125 ETH for 1 MHC.
10% of the MHC process is distributed in the ICO Round-B. the Distribution of loads when you start the mining (Forging). MetaHash reserves the right to buy back from Private Round participants their assets at the price of 0.0125 ETH for 1 MHC in order to avoid dumping by Private Round participants. This is not an obligation, but the right of the MetaHash project.
5% of MHC is reserved for the Ethereum and Bitcoin fork. This is 4.600.000 MHC. In order to implement additional protection of the system, MetaHash will leave anchors in the blockchain Ethereum and Bitcoin. 5% of MHC will be used as a motivation for holders of digital assets ETH and BTC as recognition of Blockchain-chains, on this my review of MetaHash project came to an end, thank you for your attention and see you soon!

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