In decoding the MIB means Mobile Integrated Blockchain, that is, the mobile integrated blockchain. The platform will consist of three main elements:
Cryptocurrency MIB.
Blockchain, the SmartX platform.
Blockchain platform for business.
The developers claim that the coin MIB different from all other cryptocurrencies, as it is not costly to mining and can operate in mobile blockchain ecosystem. Production tokens will be done via smartphones, so the network will be truly decentralized. Mining resources will not be concentrated in any country or in any company, by contrast, will be distributed around the globe.

The structure of the Coin MIB consists of the following elements:

Decentralized application Donacle (international charity lottery).
Explorer blocks MIB.
Cryptocurrency mobile wallet.
Mining app for iOS and Android.
Web wallet MIB.
Development center of software interface.
In the third quarter of 2018, the company plans to launch a network of the blockchain, an application for mining and start trading tokens MIB Coin on the leading cryptocurrency exchanges.

In the amount to be issued 600 million coins Coin MIB. During the ICO from 26 June to 25 August the company sells 50 million tokens, you can buy them for Bitcoin and Ethereum, 1 MIB $0.5. Investors will receive the purchased coins only after the public sale, at the same time, as indicated in the white paper, the specific date of payment tokens may change during the ICO.

Let me say that the white paper is not the project reveals many important details. For example, in the specifications section of the MIB token specified a mechanism of consensus blockchain SmartX - MPOW, however, the essence of this mechanism is not described. In addition, the developers provide data on the estimated electricity consumption for mining token - 7-10 Watts per day, it is not clear what sort of device or devices used for the definition of this indicator.

Our editors do not expose the assessment of ICO projects. The purpose of the publication of the related to ICO is to transfer information. We want you to be acquainted with her, could come to their own conclusions. But in the case of MIB coin the situation is unusual - the idea is certainly interesting, but the documentation is almost completely lacking actual data about the product and even the exact date of the payment token to investors.

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